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FCE tomorrow
The problem is a lot of us were committed to our jobs since a young age and been there 20+ years.. When this happens you never had a reason as long as you were paid enough, to look into other lines of work. Now we are injured and don't want to face our future and what changes need to be made.. Some of us can re-train but some of us cant because the body wont allow it or the meds have disabled our brains. We can play all the could have/should have senerios, facts are facts and nothing is going to change.. There is no real prevention of getting injured and having to have your life decided by wc.. The only thing we can do is warn the ones we love, and if it happens help them through it.
Thank you Bronco that is my problem im 53 years old no college just high school but lucky to had good paying jobs n now i can accept this problem but im trying n i just want to go to work everyday the way use to be.
im mean i can not accept reality sorry for my spelling.

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