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question about restrictions at home
Ive been off work since 8/11 no duties at work i can do. My question is i know WC watches people but as far as cutting your grass and such, i dont have money to pay to have it done so i have to do these things myself, can i get in trouble for this, i have restrictions of 20 lbs, after the lawn im demolished for a couple days but i end up getting a letter from my community association when it gets too long. My doc said she wouldnt but i have no choice. Would this hurt my case, i see how it could but theres no alternative. The assoc will not bend and will persue legally if i dont comply. It seems like a petty problem but i dont want to be sued by the assoc or dropped by WC. If im dropped the house is gone anyway. By the way my lawyer sucks and cant get in touch with him to ask, im going to switch attys.
Wc can and will take pictures of you doing such acts, but I bet they dont take them of you in pain.... My oldest does most of the outside chores for me, but at times i do it as well.. I have a lawn chair out in the yard where I take breaks in between paths.
if you have told the doctors that you can't do things --like mow the lawn because of the injury and they have evidence that you can--video, testimony, etc. then your credibility with the court for disability determination is lost.
yes it can adversely affect your claim.
if your aggravate your condition because of injuries at home or have a new injury then it's possible benefits will be suspended.

you need outside support.
contact your church, union, or fraternal organization. they often sponsor community support groups that can help those that become isolated due to health issues.
also review your county, city, and state aid agencies. they to have community group, links to non-governmental aid agencies that can provide support services to those in need.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I figured i was having surgery anyway so it didnt matter my job is alot more physical than 45 min of cutting grass so thats what id tell them. But i really understand them saying you cant do your job but you can do other stuff. It doesnt sound good at all. I have a 6 and 2 year olds that i wish could do it for me, but my wife wont let them! At least if they video tape me they can see the look on my face,thatll help my case. Thanks for the input.
If you REALLY can not pay someone to cut grass for you, (Please check with Church first) my neighbor cuts the grass at nite with a spot light. Grass Doesn't look too manicured but WC can NOT have a vivid photo of him either. Just ask the church for a volunteer to be on the safe side.
(04-26-2012, 02:59 PM)jayc123 Wrote: my wife

is your wife injured too? If not why isn't she cutting the grass?

You are risking a lot by doing what you are doing. Do you not have any friendly neighbors? Trade a meal for the lawn? Friends? Family?
I live in CA, it's not always sunny... And the Workers Comp sucks! Smile
call up your local boy scout troup.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Also, there are schools that do neighbor hood comunity services... My son was in one and they went door to door, spring clean up raking etc plus the kids get credit for doing so... Some of the tricks pulled by people in our town is to scalp the lawn and let it burn, or they over fertalize which burns the grass and takes 3 to 4 weeks to start growing again...

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