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My injured kitty Kiowa
He's on the mend and doing better than I expected. On Friday I drove into town and got him some antibiotics just as a precaution against infection. I also got some syringes to try and feed him. Up to that point he really hadn't taken in any food just water and I didn't want to force him to eat and stress him out. I spent $9. on an energy supplement which I think perked him up pretty fast. Saturday morning he actually wandered around the house and he started drinking on his own. I had been feeding him cat food, the energy supplement and egg yolk thru a syringe. This morning to my delight he actually ate on his own.

The side of his face looks horrible, a bit concave, he's lost 4 teeth mainly in front. He has a sore by his gums that's all scabbed over, I clean it twice a day. But he's acting more and more like a cat should, stretching, some grooming. I figure it will be atleast a month before I let him outside again.
The big thing was getting him to eat on his own and he's about 2 days ahead on doing that.

The cat we 'want' to die, Squeak, aka the Beech or the vomit comet. Won't die, just too mean, she doesn't even get fleas or ticks. Just a hateful, mean, leave me alone cat, she doesn't even get along with her own shadow or the cat in the mirror.

All of our kitties (4) were strays, never meant to have 4 it just happened but 4 is our max and it's stayed that way for over 8 years. One dies off, gets killed or eaten and another one appears, give it shots, get them fixed and the cycle continues. Two of them are indoor only, I'm not grooming my maine coon more than I have to, 3" fur, can you imagine the tangles from rolling in grass or stickers.


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