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AD&D insurance claim
I have carried all benefits on my family thru my employer. I carry all offered and at the max rate ( X5). AD&D is one of my benefits. When my husband first had his accident my employer reluctantly sent me a form. At that time most of the answers to the questions were unknown so it couldn't really be filled out and I never sent the claim in. Now that my husband is recovered as much as expected I am trying to get everything done. I called my HR dept and inquired again. They saw where they sent me a form a yr ago. I explained that the medical couldn't be answered at that time but now it could be but I lost the form. I had never been given a copy of the policy I've carried for 10 yrs. I let them know he didn't loose any limbs but did loose partial function of several and that the accident did leave him disabled. They called the insurance carrier and explained the situation to see if I have a claim. The insurance carrier instructed my employer to send me the claim form so now were rushing to beat the 365 day time limit. They are emailing it to work today and I will be faxing it back so they can fax it to the carrier.

Is there anyone who is familiar with insurance or has made such a claim? I believe its just a basic add on to the life insurance coverage. I know some pay out for loss of use or if the accident left the injured disabled. I did email the attorney last night to let him know about filing the claim and medical records will be needed. Given the time crunch of 10/15 I feel rushed and don't want to screw it up if we have a claim.

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