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Can I drop my attorney?
I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’m wondering if I do not feel that my attorney, (a paralegal at the law firm) is doing a good job or being aggressive enough, can I drop them without having to pay? If I receive a settlement, I will have to give them I believe 20%. I’ve been calling and it seems that she really doesn’t know of care too much if or when I can have my checks started again. I haven’t received any income since March when the state’s insurance decided that my injury is considered “soft tissue” I have a herniated disk. I just thought since I’m still seeing or have not been released from the doctor they sent me to, I would still be able to receive a check. Please do not think I’m being greedy, but it is really tough trying to make ends meet on my spouse’s income.
neither you nor the atty can decide the fee.
atty fees are approved by the comp court.
you can file an objection to any fee requested.
you can change attys at any time.
oklahoma has an 8 week limit on TTD for soft tissue injuries:
"85 O.S. §22(3)(d), Soft Tissue, limits temporary total disability compensation ("TTD") for nonsurgical soft tissue injuries to 8 weeks plus a 16 week extension if surgery is recommended."

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Thank you. The doctor has recommended I have a fusion but I'm going for a second opinion next week. I'm assuming that WC will decided after that if or when they will restart them. ( I'm leaning towards the fusion, I'm so tired of dealing with the pain).

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