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medical question
I have had rib pain off and on since mva multiple rib fractures.. They say in time they heal, and exrays show they did.. Lately they are killing me both sides, like muscle spasms. If I lean to the left or right to grab somthing like waist level I get severe spasms, feels like the muscle is being ripped out between the ribs.. They last about 2 min, but seems to be worse since the esi I had done last week..............What do you's think.............?>???
I cracked 4 ribs and broke one a couple of years ago, it took about 8 months for all of the bruising and muscle pain to subside. I've read about instances that it sometimes takes upwards of 18 months for the muscles to totally heal. You could of actually of torn a muscle in your MVA. Warm compresses help, ultrasound. I know I was shocked over how long it took to heal.

Hope you feel better soon,

Thanks BB,

I know its been way long enough to heal, been 3+years.. I have had many exrays since and where the fractures were they are healed.. Somthing has to be going on, just turning slightly at the fridge getting a water and wam spasm city.. Its getting me cranky, well over 20 times today, i found if I give a big hard cough it eases the pain momentarly... Oh well, I gues I will have to make an appoinment with my primary... I would go in the walk in but every time I do ( red flag ) they just ship me to er and everybody starts putting on gowns because I'm labbled MRSA.
Yeow, 3+ years. Scar tissue over a muscle tear, that's what my bet is on.
Yeow is right, it is miserable. But what can one expect after hitting a 24,000 lb snow plow head on... About a month or so ago I refractured one of my lower left ribs from my coughing attacks. And since then It has been non stop pain, the worst part is I cant get in to see my primary almost 2 weeks.. I guess its the walk in for I cant wait that long, vicodin, percocet, pain patces dont help..
I have heard that our ribs "float" (not stationary) in the body, if that is so and you coughed, twisted, sneezed etc. something could have moved and not repositioned itself.
Live, Laugh, Love ~

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