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Another MSA compiled
Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote:Well, heck ya I would be calling CMS as fast as you could on this.

Also here is a good read for you;

If you ask me though, I do think it is something your attorney should try a handle through CMS though. So, where is your attorney stands on this?

My Attorney is like me; He thinks the MSA is Crazy. This is the 3rd MSA proposal in 18 months and they continue to lie. He does not feel CMS will approve it but you never know.

Sometimes I believe even though I have a Attorney, I must do what I have to do to cover my own ass. My Attorney would like to settle and this MSA is the only obstacle.

In reality, I will be fine if CMS approves it.

My inner mind tells me that the IC is trying to get away with screwing my GHP and CMS by low balling the MSA intentionally.

I will clear my inner mind. I have been fighting this system aprox. 7 years and I will have my say one way or the other. LOL

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