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Time or payment limit on Compensation - tpm - 03-24-2010

Hello again
As some may know I have been in the WC system since my injury back in 2005. Two surgeries later I am still in a great deal of pain and have cervical spine issues. Failed fusion of my C4-5 with a herniated disc above that. Having met with my surgeon last week he said it's a wait and see game. Anymore surgery would be too invasive. I am now going to go through a series of trigger point injections along with epidural injections.
Question I have is.. Being in New York is there a limit on how long I can expect to be receiving weekly benefits from workers comp if not at MMI? I am not sure if there is a weekly limit or money limit for that matter. In addition I am already collecting SSDI.
I wish everyone a pain free evening Smile

RE: Time or payment limit on Compensation - 1171 - 03-24-2010

no time limit on ttd in new york.