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RE: Judge's decision is in! - Bummer Knees - 03-19-2010

I received word this morning the insurance company has filed an appeal on the judge's decision.

This attorney serves on the board of directors of the KS Human Rights Commission.

Yet, her job is to deny medical treatment to injured workers.

RE: Judge's decision is in! - Bummer Knees - 03-19-2010

More on the appeal............

I received my copy of the above by attachment this afternoon.

The attorney for the insurance company is requesting oral arguments.

Is this normal with an appeal?

Have others had oral arguments with an appeal?

The appeals list to things:

1. Whether the injury alleged by climant arose out of and in the course of employment.
2. Whether cliamant is entitled to medical treatment.

My attorney says with an appeal priority is given to preliminary hearings and often an answer is given with in 30 days.