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Judge's decision is in! - Bummer Knees - 03-15-2010

The attorney called today, the judge's decision we have been waiting 15 month for is in!

According to the attorney the order is in my favor.

Treatment has been orderd for the right upper extermity, back, and addition treatment of the right knee.

I do have court scheduled in the morning for reimbursement of medical bills, and a request to return to the surgeron on the knee replacement.

This is a good Monday!

RE: Judge's decision is in! - red1030 - 03-15-2010

That is great go Red

RE: Judge's decision is in! - bronco54501 - 03-15-2010

Congrats Bummer...

RE: Judge's decision is in! - capricorn - 03-16-2010

Bummer...I am so happy for you...what a should be a win if you even have to go into the court should be a definite since you've won the big part...Congratulations and best of luck through all your treatments....I hope you find relief.....You have aited longer than anyone I know for a decision.....God blessed you with patience...Smile

RE: Judge's decision is in! - Lilly - 03-16-2010

Oh Happy Day Bummer ! Congrats!!


RE: Judge's decision is in! - Still in Limbo - 03-16-2010

Good News Bummer! I Hope this Hearing is Favorable also!Wink

RE: Judge's decision is in! - Bummer Knees - 03-16-2010

Thank you everyone, I thought I would report on today's hearing.

The insurance company is appealing the judge's decision.
I am not suprised, I told my attorney, "It goes with the personality" (insurance company attorney).

The insurance company has 10 days to file an appeal, then the appeal goes before the wc board and they have 60 days to rule.

The insurance company attorney is saying the judge did not have the authority to rule on granting medical treatment in her decision.

My attorney did tell me he dosen't believe we have anything to worry about. He expects the other attorney will regroup and then make another settlement offer.
He then asked it I wanted to give him a figure and he would take it to the insurance company.

The insurance company still wants me to sign a document saying the knee replacement is not related to the injury so that they can seek reinbursement from the state fund for bills they have paid for the replacement. (This would be a condition of any settlement offer from the insurance company)

In retun I would have a paper fromt he judge so I could seek medical treatment from my personal insurance company.

The morning ended with me returning to my van and finding a parking ticket for $35.00 issued by the City of Wichita.

RE: Judge's decision is in! - bodybuilder1958 - 03-16-2010

Can I ask where you were parked? I always park in the state parking lot, which says it's not actually for 'visitors'. The city of Wichita since the Intrust Bank arena opened has officially now ticketed nearly 40 of my friends.

RE: Judge's decision is in! - Bummer Knees - 03-16-2010

It was the state parking lot where you parked in December.

RE: Judge's decision is in! - bodybuilder1958 - 03-16-2010

I heard they were giving out parking tickets. Frankly I'd fight it, where exactly are we suppose to park?