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Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - tomnj41 - 03-09-2010

Need some advice before I speak to Wk Comp agent. I drive a limo and had completed 1st job of the day, in between jobs, stopped home to use the bathroom. Getting back into the company car, slipped and fell on untreated ice in parking lot of my apartment complex, breaking my wrist. My company was very good about it, got me medical treatment immediately and started comp paperwork. My company did not ask the specific circumstances of the injury but I presume that the agent will. Advice needed is: Does that the fact it happened in my apartment complex parking lot during working hours possibly due to someone else's negligience have any bearing on coverage? I have not consulted a lawyer because, at the moment, I do not intend to sue. Thank you in advance for your help.

RE: Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - jayne - 03-09-2010

you have a possiable 3rd party suit with your landlord but sometimes those are way more trouble than they are worth...

RE: Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - tomnj41 - 03-09-2010

Thanks for your response. I know that I have a suit against the complex if I choose. My concern is that if I state events to the comp agent exactly as they occurred will the fact that it happened due to the pssible negligience of a 3rd party complicate issues.

RE: Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 03-09-2010

Well, I not one for telling someone to lie.

So with that said, I do think you need think real hard about what you told your employer to where you fell down. Then you must stick with that story. I do think you would have problems trying to sue the landlord, as you really were on the clock with an employer.

This just seems like one of those issues, where your just going to have to wait it out, and see where this all goes from here.

But, all in all, honesty is the best way to go.

RE: Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - 1171 - 03-09-2010

does the employer have rule or policy on personal errands, breaks, etc.
are there rules about what do after you drop off passenger?
generally there is some leeway when there is no fixed employment site or route.

RE: Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - tomnj41 - 03-09-2010

Only to call in for next assignment, which I did and was, in fact enroute to, when on a appropriate route I stopped off to use my bathroom at home. There are of course, bathroom breaks and no rule about where to go. Thanks for your response.

RE: Need Advice - Slip & Fall inj. - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 03-09-2010

When it comes to what is best. Since employer isn't giving you hard time, why not just talk this over with them. it just maybe, your not going to have any problems at all. But, like anything else in this world, it's the same as flipping a coin.