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Good news I guess - capricorn - 03-06-2010

Good morning everyone....time for an update ...finally.... Bill has no cancer or infection in his femur or hip replacement but does have a fractured femur.......ouch! Dr. said it will take about a year for the bone to re-grow and heal so I guess the pain will be here with it. He sees his oncologist on tuesday so we really feel he will still be cancer free and back to seeing him every 3 we have to pray for him to be a survivor completely.

My grandaughter's x-ray and MRI have shown nothing and yet she still continues once or twice a day to have this horrible back spasm that sends her screaming all over the house....along with this sweating has started and she feels as if she has to go to the bathroom....bowels and bladder......I'm now wondering if she was constipated ......strained and pulled a muscle in her back.....we have no answers and the child suffers....she's only 7.

RE: Good news I guess - Bummer Knees - 03-06-2010

Cap that is good news!

At my last doctor visit on the skin cancer I was told I do not need to return for 6 months.

Being told we are cancer free are the words we all want to hear.

RE: Good news I guess - capricorn - 03-06-2010

Absolutely Bummer....6 months...that's fantastic.Smile

RE: Good news I guess - red1030 - 03-06-2010

Cap...that is excellent news. I am so happy for you and your family. I am sorry to hear of your grand daughters troubles. You may have a point about the constipation... hopefully something will give soon so she doesn't have to suffer so. Love Red

RE: Good news I guess - Tuffy - 03-06-2010

Cap, Were your ears ringing???. RNvic and I were just talking about you, She dosen't have internet access, and wanted to know if you had heard any results from Bills tests. Now I can give her the good news when talking to her next. I am so happy for you both.. Now to get your grandaughter well, Poor little girl, It is bad enough when adults hurt, But I hate to see a child in pain. Hope they find out what is causing her problem soon.........

RE: Good news I guess - chrischris - 03-06-2010

Good news about your husband Cap, but I'm sorry your little granddaughter is in so much pain. Hopefully it is something simple to fix, and she'll get over it soon. Take care!!!!

RE: Good news I guess - capricorn - 03-06-2010

Thanks poor little girl is only having one spasm a day now so maybe it's passing....Hubby is thrilled by the news but is in so much pain he can't even celebrate.....I don't know how he's going to get around for a year with a broken femur......he does have a cane and walker from when he had the replacement....need to pull them out..his Ortho has me mad as hell for playing games for 3 months until he dx x-ray and then a Ct scan would have done it , instead of all these unnecessary tests $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$