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A blessed weekend - Manley2 - 03-01-2010

Wanted to share with everybody my weekend. This is the first time my wife and I have been able to get out of town and do anything for a very long time. My wife had not seen her grandma for something like 22 years because they had lost touch with each other, and a long story. But to keep it short she got her phone number about a month ago and been calling her and talking. Now her grandma will be 95 in 2 months and wanted to she her again so we planned a weekend trip to Indianapolis. Not only was it so nice to get away for a few days it was so uplifting to see a 94 year old that is so able. It was almost sad she walked faster then my wife or I. She still lives on her own and I sure didn't see any signs of that changing. It was just so much fun to hear stories of live from so long ago. Her husband was retired from the railroad and I learn some things I never would have know if not for her. It was just such a joy to sit a visit with her.

RE: A blessed weekend - capricorn - 03-01-2010

What a wonderful story..MAnley. So nice to get out of town and must have been wonderful to get aquainted with Grandma again...Smile

RE: A blessed weekend - Bummer Knees - 03-01-2010

That would be a fun visit!

I interviewed a senior citizen (75 yrs plus) for a Human Growth & Dev Class.

I interviewed the mother of one of my friends. I learned so much from this lady, she is so awesome!

RE: A blessed weekend - Tuffy - 03-01-2010

What a wonderfull story,,,,So glad for your wife .

See us old folks still have it all together, and many are go getters........LOL

RE: A blessed weekend - Still in Limbo - 03-01-2010

I'm Glad You got away, and Had a Great Time!! It's Good to Hear Stories from Those that Have Lived a Long and Active Life, there's Much that Can be Learned from Them!!Wink