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(Texas) I rcvd my impairment rate - sand3rd - 01-31-2010

I rcvd the medical evaluation per DD state I reached my MMI and gave me 5% impairment.. My doctor disagree on MMI he said how can DD say I reach MMI when I have not had my 2nd ESI which is 02/04/10..My doctor said will send letter to Worker Comp Ins with disagreement....What happen next does anyone know? What should i do if I'm not ready I'm still in pain? Is 5% good for the diagnosis?

RE: (Texas) I rcvd my impairment rate - 1171 - 01-31-2010

you can find out more how to resolve disputes in Texas work comp system here
MMI is not based on the presence or absence of pain.
statistics on ratings are not published.
more about the Texas system here