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New to forums - laurasunshine - 01-30-2010

could an would some of you view my post an give feedback as to any suggestions on my situation? I am a very nervous type person anyway so with these circumstances now put on me I am a basket case!!! please help my nerves in GEORGIA

RE: New to forums - Still in Limbo - 01-30-2010

Where's Your Post, and what's Your Situation?Wink

RE: New to forums - jayne - 01-30-2010

on the other side bubba

RE: New to forums - Still in Limbo - 01-30-2010

Got it, Thanks Jayne!!Smile

RE: New to forums - bodybuilder1958 - 01-30-2010

Welcome Laura, hope we can help you

RE: New to forums - laurasunshine - 01-30-2010

well so far The forum has eased my mind , but I still can't help bursting into tears the last 2 days an I woke up last night three times sweating an crying Bad dream I went to prison, this is no joke, it's serious business when some lowlife skank goes messing with your life your freedom because they are pist at you, I so want to call an cuss her but I will not give her the satisfaction of even knowing they have even inquired on her acqusations..!! sorry to be such a whiner but I am what I am and I am a crybaby, lol