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FaceBook - Cookiecrum - 01-27-2010

I am on facebook and some of you here may also be. But I was looking at one of my pictures the other day and even though I know what I am NOT doing in it, it could be taken as something else.
So I just wanted to say that a picture does not reveal the real picture, so if you are on facebook make sure you have your privacy setting to where only friends can see your information and pictures.
I don't even have it set up to where one of my friends friends can see my pictures because sometimes people accept friends without even knowing them and then they would have access to my photos.
So be careful.

RE: FaceBook - Wink - 01-27-2010

[Image: 36_13_1.gif]
"Oh my God...Cookiecrum did WHAT on FaceBook?!"

RE: FaceBook - Bummer Knees - 01-27-2010


RE: FaceBook - red1030 - 01-27-2010

This is true cookie crum... I would advise to only allow your friends list to view any pic's that you post. Red

RE: FaceBook - red1030 - 01-27-2010 are cracking me up..thanks for the smile..Red

RE: FaceBook - bronco54501 - 01-27-2010

I'm on face book as well as a lot of my family, but I do only share with my friends list.... But truley, rule of thumb is dont post nothing that you wouldnt want some one to see anyways.... Trust me... there is ways to see your pics even if you dont share..........

RE: FaceBook - Tuffy - 01-27-2010

Yes Iam also on facebook, and have seen all of Reds pictures, Yes Bronco is right, There are ways to see all the pictures.

Ps Red I liked yours.........

RE: FaceBook - red1030 - 01-27-2010

Tuffy... you could see them most likely because I allowed friends of friends to veiw them, but have stopped that now... ask me to be a friend goofy... where are you on facebook... glad you liked my pics... Red

RE: FaceBook - AQA - 01-27-2010

I truely do not want to take away from the original post, but I have a question. What is Facebook all about??? A past/present member of the forum mentioned it to me. I have tryed to register and heck, I may have. I have been to busy with school to really focus on it. Is there anything you all can tell me about it?????

Take Care

RE: FaceBook - red1030 - 01-28-2010 is a socialized free for all. It runs from news threads and anything that a friend writes on their page can be seen on my that I will have the opportunity to comment. However, insite of all of this, I believe that what it mostly does for most people is give them interesting entertainment which is very different from most social settings. The applications are safe as long as your only use the ones that are supported by facebook and do not use the ones that are advertised on facebook but not supported. AQA...I can honestly tell you it is addicting... therefore since you are in school you are most likely safer to stay away from it. If you do join, look us all up. We are all there, neighbors in farmtown, farmville yoville..and so many more... it takes up a lot of my time. I hurried home from town today so that my fish would not die... strange uh... Red