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Burning pain from toes to hands - maw1953 - 07-26-2007

I had 2 back surgeries. The last one was an anterior/posterior fusion from L4-S1 on Nov 1, 2006. I have had leg and feet numbness with some back burning pain for over a year now. For the past 3 months now I have been experiencing severe burning pain in my feet, legs entire back, arms and hands. When I sit it gets much worse. If I try and drive within a few minutes the burning in my hands is so hot I have to take my left hand off the steering wheel. I feel the burning in my groin also. I notice that I have to urinate all the time . My ortho-surgeon has no idea why I am burning. All he seems to care about is that his fusion looks good on x-ray and it is solid looking. Work comp wants to send me to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago to get evaluated in the Chronic Pain Program. I need to find out why my body is burning up. Does anyone have any ideas why ? I am also in pain management taking Opana ER, Topamax, Effexor Xr and Ambien to sleep. I have had 8 epidurals in the past 3 years and 10 months of PT. I just can't stand this burning pain. I called the surgeons office today for a referral. He told me when I saw him this week that he would welcome a second opinion. What kind of doctor should I see for this kind of pain? Is this neuropathic pain?

RE: Burning pain from toes to hands - Still in Limbo - 07-26-2007

So sorry to hear of your development Maw!!Sad I think you should surely see a Neuro. this sounds to me like Nerve Pain. I'm not well versed on RSD or Fibromyalgia, maybe someone will be on to talk to you about that! I sure hope you can get this under control, and soon!! I wish you my Very Best, and Please stay in touch!!Wink

RE: Burning pain from toes to hands - Pooh - 07-27-2007

Yes it sounds like nerve pain - and exactly what I go through on a daily basis -

Most likely you should see a neuro - not a pain management doctor - a neuro will rule out things like diabetes and other causes of nerve pain and may also do an emg to make sure that there is nothing else going on with the fusion or nerve impingement.

Effexor helps me some with my nerve pain - I take 75 mgs a day - effexor xr. I also take 100 mg topamax for migraines daily.

this is just my opinion and not a medical dx - I suffer from Peripheral neuropathy not related to my work injury and I also do not have diabetes - so just so you know - you don't have to have diabetes to have neuropathy.

RE: Burning pain from toes to hands - capricorn - 07-27-2007

The burning most definitely is nerve pain. It's horrible. Maybe also see your PCP. The first symptom I had when dx with diabetes was constant urination, also lost alot of weight that was unexplained. Not saying you have it but if it goes un dx it causes lots of problems. Please let us know.


RE: Burning pain from toes to hands - grundig - 07-27-2007

Sound,s like nerve pain to me.
I had to have my Ulner Nerve taken out and put in a different part of my arm.
It Burned before I had Surgery, The Burning has stopped since surgery, Beleive me ,I know what your going through.
I found Lyrica really help,s with the Burning though.
I hope and I pray that you didn,t develop RSD.