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Mountain Man - backache - 01-12-2010

Dave wanted me to paint a mountain man and he is almost finished. Any suggestions on how to make him better would be appreciated. Thanks Backache


RE: Mountain Man - Still in Limbo - 01-12-2010

You Nailed that One Backache!! I Think it Looks Great As Is!!Wink

RE: Mountain Man - sweet tooth - 01-12-2010

me too i like it

RE: Mountain Man - backache - 01-12-2010

Thanks. I thought of many things I could have painted on the wall but I don't want to take away from the Mountain Man. At times I add too much and it boggles the mind. ( At least my mind gets boggled when I try to look at too many things at once, it could be the Percocet) LOL

RE: Mountain Man - sweet tooth - 01-12-2010

you should have seen skeeter, i showed him the pic. and he said whos that for ? so that tells ya its good

RE: Mountain Man - backache - 01-12-2010

Tell Skeeter Thanks Hun. It is a great compliment coming from someone who is as talented as he is.

RE: Mountain Man - capricorn - 01-12-2010

I think it's perfect!

RE: Mountain Man - Tuffy - 01-12-2010

Backache, I think he is perfect, My opinion is I would like to see the background a little darker, Like an old log cabin. a little more contrast......You are a fantastic painter capturing details.

Or is it the way the light is on the picture or the photography?.

RE: Mountain Man - backache - 01-12-2010

No actually other than the shape of the mans head it is out of my imagination. I did have it lighter and made it darker for that reason. Good eye Tuffy. I just don't want to go too dark and I'm afraid that will happen if I keep messing with it. I'm just going to pretend Zachary just built his log cabin so the wood looks new....LOL Yes I named him and talked to him while I painted.....Again that could be the Percocet....

RE: Mountain Man - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 01-12-2010

The man in the painting looks alot like Bear Claw (William Aughe Ghere), the guy who hunted GrizZ in the movie Jeremiah Johnson. LOL

The equipment of the mountain man was sparse and well used. Osbourne Russell provides an apt description of the typical mountain man from one who was there.

"A Trappers equipment in such cases is generally one Animal upon which is placed...a riding Saddle and bridle a sack containing six Beaver traps a blanket with an extra pair of Moccasins his powder horn and bullet pouch with a belt to which is attached a butcher Knife a small wooden box containing bait for Beaver a Tobacco sack with a pipe and implements for making fire with sometimes a hatchet fastened to the Pommel of his saddle his personal dress is a flannel or cotton shirt (if he is fortunate to obtain one, if not Antelope skin answers the purpose of over and under shirt) a pair of leather breeches with Blanket or smoked Buffalo skin, leggings, a coat made of Blanket or Buffalo robe a hat or Cap of wool, Buffalo or Otter skin his hose are pieces of Blanket lapped round his feet which are covered with a pair of Moccasins made of Dressed Deer Elk or Buffaloe skins with his long hair falling loosely over his shoulders complete the uniform."