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Remember Me? - Babebahn - 01-08-2010

Hi Everyone:
Hope you are all doing well so far? I have lurked around and answered a few posts but having really contributed like everyone else. Things in my life have been upside down so to speak and just was in a depression that I had to pull myself out of. I was feeling "Always an after thought, never a thought" so I buried my head in the sand. My son & I attempted to buy a house for 6 months and every house that we put offers in we were beat out by just a few thousand, so we have decided to stay put in the rental. I had a friend attempt suicide in October which just shook my core, then a grandmother who died on 12/28. The holidays were quiet, thank goodness, I spent 12/24 by myself which is weird because its something I absolutely hate and that's being alone.
My neck has been giving me a lot of pain, I had a recent MRI which turned out to be pretty cool...never had the 3T MRI which only took 20 minutes in a closed MRI! Fantastic for me! They did find some moderate stenosis at C4-C5 & I see the surgeon later this month. My Pain doctor told me, "Stay centered, do not move too quick" I laughed and he said, "No really I'm serious. theres some stuff on the MRI that doesn't look good, but wait untill the surgeon reads it." Oh sure, I took the MRI DVD and popped it into my computer...damn...I look pretty good for 53! All the ligaments, muscles, spinal was amazing to see this. I could see where the issues were and made note for the surgeon, so we will see.
Hello to everyone and wishing you a healthier new year.

RE: Remember Me? - sweet tooth - 01-09-2010

its good to hear from you hope you the best too

RE: Remember Me? - Still in Limbo - 01-09-2010

Hi Babe, and Welcome Back!! Sorry to Hear of Your Losses and Depression, but it's Great to Hear from You!!Wink

RE: Remember Me? - Bummer Knees - 01-09-2010

Welcome back Babebaln!!!

RE: Remember Me? - capricorn - 01-09-2010

Hi Babe....good to see you. Sorry for all the bad that's happened ..will say a prayer that things lighten up for you.Smile

RE: Remember Me? - RNvic - 01-09-2010

Glad to see you come home to the forum family. Sorry for all the problems you have been dealing with. Prayers going up that things get better for you.

RE: Remember Me? - Tuffy - 01-09-2010

Babe, How could we forget family. Good to hear from you, Sorry you have had such a bad time. Please stick around for some support, Prayers, and warm thoughts.

RE: Remember Me? - jayne - 01-10-2010

welcome home...its been a rough year for alot of us....

RE: Remember Me? - red1030 - 01-11-2010

Hi Babe...of course I remember you.... you have been missed around here... don't be a stranger... love Red

RE: Remember Me? - Babebahn - 01-11-2010

Thanks all I feel your love...I'm looking for a better year. To update you, I got the MRI results...moderate stenosis in C4-C5 & C7-T1 no wonder they want me to stay centered...