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RE: I am NOT at MMI - Tuffy - 07-27-2007

Sithie, Is it possable to have the IME Dr rewrite his report or amend it?

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Sithie - 07-27-2007

I have been told that it is against the law for either party to contact him, my lawyer can submit the ? to the WC state board, but that is still 6 weeks or so out.

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Still in Limbo - 07-27-2007

Oh Sithie, I'm so sorry to hear this! Sounds to me like another i/c ploy to slow down the process. I surely hope your Attorney can come up with something to get this turned around. I know in Pa. if you file a Petition to the Court, it takes at least 60 days for a Hearing. I surely hope you don't have to wait that long!! You have my Best and my Prayers!!Wink