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I am NOT at MMI - Sithie - 07-24-2007

OH MY GOD, I am bawling like a baby as I write this. My lawyer just called, we just got the IME report back from Denver on the 10th. He said I am not at MMI, that they HAVE to find a SPECIALIST to try the injections. (Remember, through all of ths I have never seen and RSD specialist.) They have to back pay my TTD to when they stopped it. He rated me at 28% whole body impairment, and demanded they had to get me in to see a psycologist, and give me better meds to help with the depression. I am so happy, it feels like they may finally try to do something to help keep this from getting worse.


RE: I am NOT at MMI - capricorn - 07-24-2007

Oh Sithie....I am so happy for you . Now you will get the proper treatment and answers that you need. "God is never late" Again our prayers have been answered. God bless you.

CAPBig Grin

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Spring - 07-24-2007

Sithie..I so happy for you...doing the HAPPY DANCE for you. Just getting to think you will be getting some treatment. Talking to you on the phone and hearing the excitment in your voice...the know you are going to get some anwsers to your questions...I am so happy for you. You better keep me informed every step of the way. I so much hope the injections work for you. And get the medications to help you. Oh Sithie...As I have always said..we will all make it...we just have to make it one day at a time...and support each other through the good and bad. Sending you a big ole ((((HUG))))

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Still in Limbo - 07-24-2007

That's Great News Sithie!! It sounds like things are finally taking a turn for the Better!!Smile

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Tuffy - 07-24-2007

Sithie, What wonderfull news for you, all I can say is ( It's about time)

RE: I am NOT at MMI - sweet tooth - 07-24-2007

all i can say is thank you lord

RE: I am NOT at MMI - red1030 - 07-24-2007

Sithie I am so happy for you. This is absolutely wonderful. Keep us updated. I am crying happy tears for you. Loads of hugs and smiles are coming your way.. Carol (red)

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Lilly - 07-25-2007

Hope & Relief from proper care is in sight!
9:00 pm IS a powerful hour.
constant prayers to you, Lilly Big Grin

RE: I am NOT at MMI - Deb - 07-25-2007

Sithie I am so happy that it looks like they are finally going to give you the care that you need. Thank the Lord.


RE: I am NOT at MMI - Sithie - 07-27-2007

Well that was a lie, theey are not goning to pay my TTD at all, much less the back stuff they owe me. They said this newest IME did not say in his report wether or not I could work so they dont have to pay me. So, it looks like they have finally got me where they want me.