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attorneys say - inpainokla - 12-18-2009

i have talked to a few attorneys in my area to make sure that i get what is coming to my as far as a settlement from workers comp and i had spoken to 3 or 4 different one saying that for my age and the type of surgery that i had that im lookin any where from 20,000 to 70,000 of coarse the higher is if i close out my medical...has anyone ever heard of these amoonts being given to someone that has had a 2 level fusion??

RE: attorneys say - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 12-18-2009

My 1 friend got 85,000 and another got 124,000. If that helps any. And with closing medical here in Illinois.

The 85,000 one is still in pain....

RE: attorneys say - inpainokla - 12-18-2009

see thats what scares me and is really why id like to get the hardware removed before i settle..because im fealing alot better than i did before the surgery but like my lawyer said you never know if that hardware can break and then i would need emergency surgery to get it removed which id never be able to afford if i close my medical..i wonder what the chances of it halving problems are

RE: attorneys say - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 12-18-2009

My doctor say's if it aint broke, you leave well enough alone. He meant it also. Would not take something out if it's doing it's job. If you brake that plate, I will come kiss your behind anywhere you wish. I did blow my plate out, and screws though, but didn't brake that plate...Cool As you know though, that took place by a prankster at work...