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RE: Do you guys get this painting? - monster - 12-15-2009

WOW that is gorgeous! I can't believe it's your first time painting a person! I love the way his headdress blends into the sky. You did a really awesome job...I love it just the way it is and that sky is gorgeous I hope you don't change it, you captured it spectacularly!


RE: Do you guys get this painting? - backache - 12-15-2009

Gee you guys it's 2 in the morning and I feel so good from all of your wonderful comments I think I'll just keep painting. It's about the only thing I can do while I'm up half the night. If I watch TV it keeps Dave up,because we sleep in a loft bedroom. I can't read because my eyes get tired so instead I paint. It keeps me from going insane.

RE: Do you guys get this painting? - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 12-15-2009

No tears on no Indian, as an Indian would never let anyone see them.

But, here I have something to show you. Wonder where your name came from? Then take a good look.,_daughter_of_Col._Pascal.jpg

The story;

But, I don't think the Trail lead across the area of your painting? Seems more like possible Apache area, and ease for them to go into Mexico. As mexico, use to reach way up into the now States, some think that Mexico could have reached as far as Canada at one point in time.

Here is some info on Mexico from the 1800's.

And here you will see a map from the 1500's, notice Mexico was close to canada, and very close to the great lakes area.

RE: Do you guys get this painting? - backache - 12-16-2009

Thanks BX4 I found these very interesting. Backache

RE: Do you guys get this painting? - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 12-16-2009

Me too, as like strange history stuff. Territory history of the United States are one of them. I love your painting also. Makes it seem like the Indian is doing 2 different things. One sad about the lost population of the land and animals. And then again seems to be looking over and after the land.

Even as we look at this early map, we see Mexico was in Florida.