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IME Doc Refusing Me My Med Records! - BrokenWing2009 - 12-01-2009

I live in Kentucky. I just went to my first IME appt for my back injury this morning. My husband was in the room with me, even though they asked him to leave, and he was recording everything. After the extremly brief and rough examine, I asked for the paper to fill out do I can get a copy of everything in my record for the day. On tape- they told me no, they will send it to the wc ic and I'll have to get it from them and in no way can I obtain a copy from the IME Docs office.... Is this legal?? I can't get a hold of my lawyer and I'm really upset. Ive gotten a copy of everything thus far, but this is the 1st doc in 10 months they've sent me to that I didn't get to choose.
*can they refuse me my medical records?*

RE: IME Doc Refusing Me My Med Records! - Cycler - 12-01-2009

The Dr. is not authorized to provide that information to you. It is not YOUR medical record, it is owned by the requesting party. You will obtain a copy of the record through your atty. though so don't worry.

RE: IME Doc Refusing Me My Med Records! - jayne - 12-01-2009

good girl to record your brief and painful visit......I am proud of you many injured workers are afraid to stand their ground on this.....your lawyer will get a copy of the medical record.... dont be alarmed if the IME says you were non compliant just give the recording to your lawyer......and welcome to this forum try the off topics for a bit of family style fun....

RE: IME Doc Refusing Me My Med Records! - capricorn - 12-01-2009

I'm with Jayne...proud that you taped it all. At times I rec'd the full report in the mail a couple of weeks later.....but I could have always gotten a copy from my attorney. As Jayne said please, please remember this Dr. is not on your side. You may not like alot of what he writes. At times I wished I had never seen mine.

RE: IME Doc Refusing Me My Med Records! - BrokenWing2009 - 12-01-2009

Thank you all for the reply! Just going over the tape and I feel like he is going to mess with me. He was very loud very rude and very short with me. They asked several times for my husband to leave the room, and I dont think they liked the fact that he was in there with me.. My attorny said this evening to prepare myself for all my benefits to be cancled...ughhhh
Oh well, thank you again for your replys. I guess now all I can do is sit and wait. I wish this was all over with. I am still hoping that at any min I wake up and that this is just a dream..errr a nightmare...