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Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - Manley2 - 11-27-2009

Well I just wanted to see how black friday shopping went everywhere. My wife and daughter were home by just after 6 this morning and got everything they were looking for. Also said everybody was nice. And its a 30 minute drive for them so that means they were headed home by 5:30. Walmart let them put anything in their carts but were told they had to wait until 5 to check out but they were done before 5 because they also went to two other places before 5:30. Not saying what time they checked out, I don't walmart to get into trouble. But you know if your sitting there just waiting to check out that is pretty nice to let you check out and be done. How did everybody else do?

RE: Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - jayne - 11-27-2009

ahhhhhhhh Manley, I have been done with xmas shopping since last Tuesday. being on such a small budget I have to do a little at a time.I have never braved the black Friday crowds I am a chicken I guess...

RE: Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - capricorn - 11-27-2009

I have done some Black Friday shopping online for the past couple of years. Most stores give Free Shipping and I have been lucky enough to find another 10% off coupon. Has worked well for me in the past.

Have no interest today. Bill cooked yesterday and I don't know how. We have agreed it will be the last holiday dinner we do. Too much for both of us. His platellets are down and he's starting to get bleeds around his belly so I'm sure Tuesday will be a transfusion instead of Chemo and my diabetes is so out of wack I can't even explain it. Can't get an appt with an Endo for a month and my PCP left the practice and his partners are all a$$*&%$#*! and am getting no help there. Just sad where we've both ended upSad

RE: Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - Manley2 - 11-27-2009

My wife was on a very tight budget since work still is not paying me under WC so the buys she got helped us out allot. As for me it only about 25 more days until the Christmas shopping season opens for us men!! Smile

RE: Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - Bummer Knees - 11-27-2009

I was at Wal Mart at 6:30 this morning. I arrived late enough that I was able to find parking close to the main entrance.

Everyone in the store was very nice and the Wal Mart employees were very helpful.
I had one incident this morning when the end broke off my cane. An employee saw what happened and went to their medical supply shelf, found what I needed to fix the cane & fixed it for me. I thanked them and continued shopping.

I reached MMI a couple of months ago and am receiving no TTD payments and social security still is doing the wc offset, so not much money is comming in. Shopping this year is on a limited budget. Yet I was able to get a few gifts for my son, daughter, & the niece I am raising.

RE: Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - Sunshine7 - 11-27-2009

My Husband and I could not afford it! we were lucky to afford a nice Thanksgiving dinner for our family, I thank God for that! We have prepared our teenagers that we won't be able to afford Christmas presents, but we can be thankful to have each other! They are satisfied with that! Stupid inconsiderate W/C and thanks to My Employer's negligence's, I am so peeved at them, Yet so thankful to God for his wonderful children he has allowed us to learn and grow with!

RE: Black Friday shopping, how did it go? - hurt at work - 11-27-2009

I got a good deal on a fish lunch my heating guy is a good friend and bought me lunch even though he drives a Ford but I will not hold that against him lol,lol.