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RE: dr says he has to send me back to work with no restrictions?? - AQA - 11-23-2009

You may want to get a second oppinion. After my fusion, it was six months before I started pt. and another 3 months before I went to work on lite duty. My lite duty was me sitting behind a desk.

RE: dr says he has to send me back to work with no restrictions?? - bodybuilder1958 - 11-24-2009

I talked to a former co-worker about this a little while ago. Her brother had fusion surgery 4 yrs ago. Work comp as well, he was told to go back to work, no restrictions 4 months after surgery. About a week after he went back to work he got hurt after he was ordered to pick up a crate. He was afraid for his job so he did.

Let's just say that the lawsuit against his doctor, former employer, the family isn't hurting anymore.

My dad has never been one to mince words, when I was a kid my sister badly broke her arm. The doctor wanted to wait 3 days to set it, he was going on a golfing trip.
It was like, we'll splint it, bring her to the hospital in 3 days and we'll fix her arm. My dad didn't want a 4 yr old kid crying over her broken arm for 3 days. Plus he knew it might not mend as well. All my dad said to the doctor was this...."Do you have enough malpractice insurance to cover what I'm going to sue you for the delay?" My sister left the hospital about 6 hours later with her fixed arm in a cast.

Somebody needs to take a look at your case, another doctor, a case manager, somebody. You cannot be 100%, have you been released from PT?

I'm not too sure your employer wants you back too soon, they'd be liable.

RE: dr says he has to send me back to work with no restrictions?? - Cycler - 11-24-2009

The idea is so you can go take a job that YOU know is within your ability WITHOUT the need to explain your permanent restrictions which, as you know, will prevent you from being hired. There is always some degree of permanent pain expected after fusion surgery as the surgery itself is not designed to alleviate back pain. Those without are the lucky ones.

From a study of work outcomes after spinal fusion surgery:

" Only workers compensation coverage and involvement with litigation were associated with a less successful work outcome at 2 years. Despite a negative association, 68% of patients with workers compensation coverage did return to work and 48% had an ultimately successful return to work at 2 years."

inpainokla Wrote:hi again just wanted to see if anyone has ever had there dr tell them that you may be in pain for the rest of your life but when he releases me back to work he is going to do it with no job restrictions..and just to remind you i have had a 2 level fusion 6 months out and still in alot of pain does that mean he expects no permanant disability from this..i have talked to very few ppl who have had this surgery and afterwards were pain free..anny thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated