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RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - Still in Limbo - 11-11-2009

Chris, I Agree! It Takes the Right Dr. to Refer the I/W to a Competent Pain Management Specialist when Conventional Efforts have Failed. That's the Key to Quality and Safe Pain Management with Narcotics!!Wink

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - jthom08 - 11-12-2009

LBPerkins Wrote:Greetings,
need some advise and best way to handle this situation -
I have had several low back surgeries - last being an opus cage placed in my back which has caused more back pain with nerves and inflamation

My treating Dr is wanting it out and or placing a nerve stimulator in my back

Now my WC carrier sent me to one of their Dr's name is ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!***
FIRST - let me start with my first impression - He does not believe in medication / he believes all is in the MIND >.<
as I sat in his waiting room for nearly an hour to see him I heard his " daughter" the receptionist talking to people on the phone on his beliefs and will not prescribe meds

.... anyhow I get walked to the room where I wait another 30 minutes to see him - he walks in... a tad bit rude in his introduction and why he is to see me --- after maybe 5 minutes with this so called Dr of him asking me my problems I was blessed with another 5 to 10 minutes of him having me walk then he checked my reflexes -

he then tells me that a nerve stimulator woule do me no good / to get the hardware taken out of my back would do no good / and I need off all meds.......
I ask him his opinion on what I can do to relieve this inflamation and nerve and muscle spasms - He stated to exercise at home - I told him my Dr was trying to get me in a therapy program - he then says No that would do no good I need home exercise * facepalms *

So I go home and two weeks receive a letter of his findings / reporting - get off all meds / no therapy / no surgery ......

What do I do now?
How can a WC Dr see you for maybe 20 minutes for the first time with no test ran and say this and send a report in

Please advise.....

Sincerely in pain, Lisa
welcome to the workmans comp husband drove 150 miles to his ime,and it lasted 5 minutes...he lost his workmans comp and that doctor NEVER put a finger on him....good luck

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - LBPerkins - 05-13-2010

Well, it has been some time since I went to the wack w/c Dr in Forth worth that the insurance sent me to that denied all .... anyhow THANK GOD that my treating Dr is fighting this wack. So far he has sent report after report and at least getting the w/c insurance ppl to pay for my visits and meds for now. So atm all is ok until I guess or if they send me back to that wack rolly polly that shows his HUGE BOOBS when he treats you ..... I surely wish I could place his name again... yet I am sure many of you know him if from the area ---- ty to all that offered help -
- Keeping positive and living day by day

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - LBPerkins - 05-13-2010

oh oh oh..... forgot to mention.... I did find out that this Dr gets paid 3K for each patient he can get off w/c.........
so sad they allow Dr's like that to survive.

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - 1171 - 05-14-2010

you can file a complaint here