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Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - LBPerkins - 11-08-2009

need some advise and best way to handle this situation -
I have had several low back surgeries - last being an opus cage placed in my back which has caused more back pain with nerves and inflamation

My treating Dr is wanting it out and or placing a nerve stimulator in my back

Now my WC carrier sent me to one of their Dr's name is ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!***
FIRST - let me start with my first impression - He does not believe in medication / he believes all is in the MIND >.<
as I sat in his waiting room for nearly an hour to see him I heard his " daughter" the receptionist talking to people on the phone on his beliefs and will not prescribe meds

.... anyhow I get walked to the room where I wait another 30 minutes to see him - he walks in... a tad bit rude in his introduction and why he is to see me --- after maybe 5 minutes with this so called Dr of him asking me my problems I was blessed with another 5 to 10 minutes of him having me walk then he checked my reflexes -

he then tells me that a nerve stimulator woule do me no good / to get the hardware taken out of my back would do no good / and I need off all meds.......
I ask him his opinion on what I can do to relieve this inflamation and nerve and muscle spasms - He stated to exercise at home - I told him my Dr was trying to get me in a therapy program - he then says No that would do no good I need home exercise * facepalms *

So I go home and two weeks receive a letter of his findings / reporting - get off all meds / no therapy / no surgery ......

What do I do now?
How can a WC Dr see you for maybe 20 minutes for the first time with no test ran and say this and send a report in

Please advise.....

Sincerely in pain, Lisa

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- John Anthony Sklar - Cycler - 11-08-2009

talk to our atty about the possibility of deposing said expert as to the basis of his opinion, the supporting medical literature of his opinion and how his opinion might compare to similar studies of the literature, how he comes to the conclusion that hardware removal is not an option, how he came to his conclusion that an SCS is not medically indicated, his expertise with similar patients as yourself, his ...well you get the picture...oh...and of course how often he has rendered similar opinions in cases such as yours and who paid him to offer that opinion and how much he was paid for these various opinions.

Pretty much works every time. oh.... AND you might want your atty to ask if he carries and Errors and Omissions insurance policy and at what level of coverage.

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - linkedin-wcclaimsguy - 11-08-2009

I suggest you give a try. Exercise and a good state of mind should not be underestimated. The mind is a powerful thing. Exercise can do incredible things for the body.

Drugs and more surgery are not always the answer. I have never seen anyone get long-term relief from a stimulator. Long-term narcotics just leads to stronger drugs being thing you know you are basically a drug addict and all you can think about is your next fix.

The fact that you sign your post "sincerely in pain" speaks volumes. Quit thinking about the pain and what you can't do. Take control of your life. Convince yourself that you can rise above the pain. Don't let the pain control your life.

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - Wink - 11-08-2009

What Cycler said. You might want to copy his post and take it along when you see your lawyer. You never know when more heads will be better than one, so to speak.

Also, I sent you a Private Message regarding a profile and other patient complaints made against the quack you mentioned earlier.

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - LBPerkins - 11-09-2009

Thanks for the your replies.
Advise is always appreciated

To : linkedin-wcclaimsguy
Junior Member
- My signing severely in pain is a fact -
I do try and exercise as pain permits / what I can handle -
I have fair days and OMFG days.....
NO I do not lay around popping pills - I take what is needed when I am in TEARS of the pain and cant handle it any longer -

I am a mother / that being said / I cant and wouldn't be dependent on pills to make it through a day / I try and handle as much as I can , and yes with a positive look -
Before my FIRST surgery I could not walk at all so yes I know I am blessed to be able to walk even if with difficulties -
what the post was for and help/advise needed is as I stated -

I want to reduce this pain / inflammation / hence why my treating Dr is wanting to take the hardware out and or a nerve stimulator so I can have a day without so much pain / a day where I could go shopping with my children and not fall to the floor from my leg completely going out ...

The wack I was sent to was a WC Dr. in Ft Worth Tx
now, if he truly had concern of my well being he would have spent more time with me / offered some solutions / him saying NOTHING would help except home exercise clearly shows he has no true concern of my well being /
AND FYI he stated that to me before he looked at my chart >.<

* rolls eyes *

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - Still in Limbo - 11-09-2009

Linked, My Situation and Pain has Me on a Regimen of Pain Meds., and there is a BIG Difference between Dependent on Narcotics, and Addicted to Narcotics. I don't Set waiting for My Next Fix, My Meds. are Monitored by a Pain Management Specialist, and I only take the Bare Minimum that it takes Me to get Through the Pain of the Day! Some of the Folks on Here have Met Me Personally, and although I'm on Methadone, Morphine, Neurontin, Lyrica, and the List goes on, I am no Way Laying around waiting for the Next Fix!! I am a Firm Believer of Mind over Matter, and have Tried it for My Injuries, but with a Crushed S1 Nerve Encapsulated in Scar Tissue, and the Scar Tissue Continuing into My Spine where Half of My Disc was Removed, has left My Spine Fused via Epidural Fibrosis to a Crushed S1 Nerve Root. So every Breathe, Movement, or Step Inflames that Crushed S1 Nerve, and Leaves Me with only so Many Steps a Day! LB, I Wish You the Very Best, get Second Opinions, Speak with Your Attorney, and Please Keep Us Informed!!Wink

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - Tuffy - 11-09-2009

Still, has given you some good info and I agree, I would also get another opinion and ditch/dump this uncaring DR ( if that is what he calls himself>>>>>>>>>>

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - Lilly - 11-10-2009

Pain is NOT always controllable by the "mind" ! I find this utterly ridiculous to assume that this is always the case. No REAL doctor will blatantly let his patient suffer in pain, when there are many non narcotic meds available!

You have a quack doctor.


RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - LBPerkins - 11-10-2009

My injury was many years ago / I do not have an attorney.
Do I dispute this with WC or my carrier?

RE: Workmans Comp Dr- ***edited by admin - READ THE TOS!*** - chrischris - 11-10-2009

I had a neurologist take over as my primary treater in wc when I was dx'd with RSD, because he offered, and because he told me he knows how to treat RSD. I will always respect him, but he had some weird idea that medication was wrong, blocks were a way for pain doctors to get rich, spine surgeons are a dime a dozen and will cut you just for the money, and the only way to treat RSD was thru physical therapy. After 5 months of physical therapy, I had a mental breakdown, and guess what? HE DROPPED ME, said I was P&S and left me to die. I remember when he told me he was dropping me because of the depession and I cried and cried and he said "if you had a hemeroid I wouldn't treat you so why do you expect me to treat you for a psychiatric condition". I even told him how to do his job. I said you are my primary and expected to send me to someone else for treatment. He did more damage to me than I can say here on this forum.

It took a QME to say I was not P&S and get me back to a new Primary Treater.

I could go on and on, but what I am trying to say, is medication plays a very important "part" of treating a chronic pain condition. There should be a team of treaters for anyone suffering chronic pain; namely, a primary overseeing, a pain management doctor, and a psychologist/psychiatrist. The IW also needs to be proactive in physical/home therapy and responsible for taking meds as directed and keeping appts.

Unfortunately for us IW's, most IC's don't see it this way. The least amount of medical care as possible, even if it means making the IW addicted to pain meds alone. Then the stigma of a med seeking low life scum bag is attached to the IW once the IC has done their job to treat and relieve the IW. Tongue