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RE: Question for the forum - bagpussinamerica - 11-08-2009

Maybe if we contact Rachel Ray, or Gordon Ramsey, or, NO, I've got it. Martha Stewart!!!!

RE: Question for the forum - capricorn - 11-09-2009're too funny. One of them has to know. I think you grind it into a powder and just add it to the batter. I wouldn't even know where to get it to bake them for him.

Tuffy....i used to love Baily's. One of my meds makes me black out with one glass of anything. Had a small glass of wine almost 2 years ago and don't remember anything after that. Scares me now.

RE: Question for the forum - bagpussinamerica - 11-10-2009

I remember once when I was in England I had surgery and it all went wrong. I was in a bed for 10 weeks with a nurse coming in every day to re do bandages etc. Anyhow. I had all the meds that they could possibly give me to control pain and nothing worked. The pain was so bad that I asked my partner to find me some weed. I had heard of people about who used it for pain, even though at the time it was illegal. We knew people who smoked it. But when it came to trying to find it, we couldn't at all! I have a feeling that nerds like me don't qualify. I did see recently where there is a centre being set up near by for medicinal purposes and they are looking for staff. Now that could be a cool job for someone.