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RE: Question for the forum - jayne - 11-02-2009

Bag if I thought it would give me any relief I would try it over narcs with all the side effects anyday

RE: Question for the forum - bronco54501 - 11-02-2009

Confession time..

I admit it --- I have tried and done it, but have not had since my son was born. I think over half my town is 420 friendly, you will not find any hard core drugs. There is much more that smoke it or bake it then people realize, and I would vote yes for making it legal with certain laws of course.. Now do I want my son to smoke it..?? Heck no, but I dont want him in a bar getting trashed and then drive either.. And like Jayne said if it would help with anyones pain I say go for it, narcs are not good on anyone.........

RE: Question for the forum - Still in Limbo - 11-02-2009

I Grew Up in the 70's, and have Smoked My Share of not only Pot, but Hash also!!Tongue I believe the 420 Term Started in the Late 80's Early 90's, so a lot of Us growing up in the 70's wouldn't Really know that Term Unless Their Kids told Them! A Very Good Friend of Mine that I Lost at an Early Age due to His Rear Axle Separating from His Vette at 110mph. in 1980 Used to Say: "Let's go Get Small" Instead of "High"!!!Smile

RE: Question for the forum - bodybuilder1958 - 11-02-2009

Well gee, guess I've lived a sheltered life. Never heard of 420. You guys are certainly teaching this old Bodybuilder new tricks.

The hardest thing I've ever tried is vodka and I didn't care for it. I prefer wine and I try not to whine while drinking it. Matter of a fact it cuts down on the pain keeping the whining to a minimum (I hope)

RE: Question for the forum - jayne - 11-02-2009

mmmmmmmmmmmmm german wines are awesome

RE: Question for the forum - bagpussinamerica - 11-07-2009

german grapes? You sound like you speak with a great deal of experience Jayne. I personally prefer the French grapes. Problem is, some Californian went over and stole most of them to grow them in California. Trust those Californians. Got to corner the market on all of the mind bending stuff. No offense Californians. I lived there myself as a very young girl and as a clueless teenager. Like some, too afraid to try anything. Used to smell it being smoked at parties though. Often wanted to find out who was smoking it. Again, too scared to search around the gardens!!!! I stuck to the wine too.

RE: Question for the forum - jayne - 11-07-2009

spent 7 years in Germany....the wines were as smooth as silk the beer on the other hand was stout ....I spent more than my share of time trying to deal with a killer hangover..glad those days are over lol

RE: Question for the forum - capricorn - 11-08-2009

Honestly...if I knew how to bake it in brownies my husband would always have a pan. I would do anything to kill tha pain he has and nausea from the Chemo and help him to get the "munchies" I never did any illegal drugs. Used to enjoy a good cold beer or 2 or 3 or 4Tongue
Can't drink anything now because of some of my meds. So I am Mrs. Straight. Rolleyes Can't even eat anything I like anymore because of the diabetes. Quit smoking......Lord I need a bad habitBig Grin

RE: Question for the forum - Tuffy - 11-08-2009

A little nip of Baileys every now and then , and a good glass of RNvic's wine was a real treat. I just don't go overboard, and NEVER tried the other stuff.....I like to be in control of my feelings and thoughts,and was not a party person...........

RE: Question for the forum - bagpussinamerica - 11-08-2009

Ahhhh, now I do believe that my neighbour DOES know how to bake it in brownies. And if you bake diabetic style, you could enjoy them as well. But if I do look into it, I will look into the breathing thing. I was told that baking it isn't as strong. Don't know. But maybe even just a little bit might do the trick. Like I said, my friend with her problems bakes it and does fine.

If I find out how it is baked I will post it. Or would I be arrested? Nah....just saying how it is done can't do any harm. Lots of people google how to make bombs, shoot, you can learn that just watching telly.