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Nevada injury - Minda - 10-26-2009

I work in a casino..need I say more?
I injured my r. elbow due to repetitive use lifting coins.
I filed WC 7/09 was denied, I hired an attorney he filed appeal. I had my hearing 9/09 and won...My employer never called me for the entire time it took to get my hearing. when I won then I was given light duty.. immediately was treated different, again doing repetitive duty..(filing) was told to use my left hand. started getting problems with my left hand. I told the doctor..APN. I never saw the doctor till just last week...??
All along I kept telling the APN I couldn't complete my 8 hrs shift and it was causing pain. It took almost 3 weeks to get my Therapy which was ordered twice. and I had to call about it 3 different times. to see what was going on. Now.....
I just had a knee injury un related to work. I was mailed family leave papers to fill out...Guess what???
All this time my employer has use my 12 weeks of family leave for my workman's I only have 10 days left and will stand to lose my health insurance...This doesn't seem fair.
Has anyone else had this happen?

RE: Nevada injury - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 10-26-2009

Yes, just about each and everyone of us has...