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Oasis loans - Manley2 - 10-23-2009

Was talking to somebody today and found out you need to watch out for these loan poeple. Now I know we all know they charger very high rates on the money but sometimes we need it. As I said I was talking with somebody today and I thought you only paid them back if you win your case and get a settlement. Not true, they can take every other TTD payment you are getting if they want to so thats not waiting for any settlement. Who knows what else they can get their hands on so just be careful if you need to deal with them.

RE: Oasis loans - backache - 10-23-2009

Thanks for the info Manley2. I hate when people prey on others. They should be ashamed trying to take advantage of injured people.

RE: Oasis loans - Manley2 - 10-23-2009

Yep thats the worst part. not only do they charge 49% on the money they pray on these people they know are down and will sign anything to get cash now. And everybody needs to know the fine print

RE: Oasis loans - Still in Limbo - 10-23-2009

Good Info. to Refresh Memories Manley!! These Loans are Very Touchy, and Need to be Steered away From at All Costs!!Wink

RE: Oasis loans - backache - 10-23-2009

I think it was Al Capone who was put in jail because he was charging the outrageous amount of 10 % interest. Oh how times have changed.

RE: Oasis loans - Manley2 - 10-23-2009

It's so much easyer without a gun!!