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Bad epidural part 2; could use some help - mytruck - 10-20-2009

In California

I posted my bad epidural experience a few months back and appreciated the support and feedback.

Short version: The procedure caused more pain in my problem areas (neck/arm/hand) and during the procedure something happened that numbed the right side of my body. Since then, the feeling has not returned in my leg and I fall occasionally. I injured my knee in one fall and it is still swollen after a month.

W/C immediately approved a lumbar MRI when they found out what happened with the epidural procedure (from request to getting it done took 3 days; W/C can move fast if they want too, but that is another topic). The MRI revealed that I have ‘a degenerating disc’ and a small disc bulge in my lower back. W/C is stating my problem with my leg is a result of that, not the epidural procedure. There has been no history or problem I have had with my lower back or numbness in my leg.

As the problem with my right leg occurred during the procedure, my doctor requested PT, some sort of electrical current test and MRI. W/C has denied all, stating the claim is for my neck/arm/hand only. My attorney said that the numbness and knee injury are related because they occurred as a result of my initial claim, but they cannot force W/C to approve or fix my leg/knee. My doctor stated that due to the findings of the lumbar MRI, W/C has the upper hand in denying anything that has to do with that, pointing to the degenerating disc and bulge.

I really can use some help as to where I need to go from here. Thursday will be 10 months since my work injury and 3 months since the epidural. Things are moving to get the surgery needed on my neck to repair the fracture and disc bulges there. I just need some advice what to do to get W/C to take care of the problems resulting from the epidural procedure.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Bad epidural part 2; could use some help - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 10-20-2009

Epidural given, you never had medical problems with lower spine, is this correct?

If so, your treating doctor, outlines this, and has to show an upset to the lower spine, causing aggravating to it, despite what the MRI report is saying. Don't delay getting this writen medical report any longer. get a copy of it, send copy to your attorney, and tell attorney get to work....

RE: Bad epidural part 2; could use some help - 1171 - 10-20-2009

of course you can "force" the carrier to provide benefits; that's why there is a comp court.
with supporting medical evidence you should get a court order to accept the new condition and provide benefits.
california schedules expidited hearings when treatment and TD are being denied.
the rules are 1.2.and 1.15 here
what is your legal plan to overcome the issues and get benefits?
if you don't have one get one from your atty.
if they don't have one then get another atty.