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Kyzer is sick - jayne - 10-19-2009

just got a call from MJC she is at her sons house helping out both her grandson and step grandson are ill....she needs our prayers....

RE: Kyzer is sick - Tuffy - 10-19-2009

Oh No!!!!!!!!! What is wrong that both little ones are sick????. That darn flu?
Prayers going there way, Hope they have a fast recovery.........

RE: Kyzer is sick - Still in Limbo - 10-19-2009

Jayne, You Tell that Cute Little Cajun Prayers are on Their Way From Me!! I Hope They are Well Soon, and Please Tell Her to Make Sure and Rest when Possible!!!Wink

RE: Kyzer is sick - red1030 - 10-19-2009

MJC... I am so sorry to hear about this. My prayers are going up now. Love you Red

RE: Kyzer is sick - hurt at work - 10-19-2009

MCJ hope it passes soon sorry to hear this the flu is going to get bad all so hold on and take care.

RE: Kyzer is sick - jayne - 10-19-2009

it wasnt swine flu older child was tested for it...lots of chest congestion on Kyzer...she is at her sons house helping out...she sounded very tired but glad to be able to help

RE: Kyzer is sick - buildergirl1973 - 10-19-2009

praying for both little ones and mjc too

RE: Kyzer is sick - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 10-19-2009

Praying with everyone here.

RE: Kyzer is sick - MJC - 10-21-2009

I want to thank Jayne for giving you guys the update for me.

Well, it continues to go on with both the little ones. Kyzer is still running low grade fever and my god yesterday I just do not know what was wrong with him. He never cries and all he did yesterday was cry when he was awake. I told Kaliey it sounded like a cry of something hurting him. My son did get in from offshore yesterday at 3pm. Kailey ended up at thet ER with Laith 2 nights in a row. The first night we took both of them. That night they checked Laith for the flu and was negative. Kyzer had the works because he is so young there are things that they are required to do with an infant that has a fever. They catherized him to get urine to do a culture, drew blood for different things and did a blood culture and also did a chest XRay. The XRay was ok, no pneumonia. We did not get the results of all his blood work because cultures take a few days. They gave Kyzer an injection of Rocefrin (Spelling?) which is a good antibotic that covers many different things. The second night Kailey took Laith to the ER they tested him again for the flu and he tested postive. He was running 105 fever and began to vomit and could not keep the tylenol down to help bring the fever down. Well, yesterday morning we were facing the same thing with Laith and all he was doing was sleeping with the high fever. I told Kaliey that since he had seen ER doctors 2 nights in a row and they are not his regular doctor that she needed to bring him to his regular doctor. They went yesterday afternoon and his doctor said he has the Swine Flu. This is just not a good situation with the baby and just everything. Laith got medicine and she bought some chewable tylenol and last night he was able to chew it and kept it down. I was going to continue to stay but my son said that I needed to come home and get some rest because he said I just looked terrible. I know the situation is bad and a difficult one for them to handle and I am afraid of not being over their to see things for myself and be able to use the mothers experience that I have. But, I did come home about 8pm last night. I told my son if they needed me again to call me, I don't mind being there and I would probably be more comfortable mentally. I could at least cook meals for them. I did leave them with food I had cooked while I was there so they did have some leftovers. I have not talked to them yet this morning so I don't know how the night went for them. Kailey has her 6 weeks check up today and Kyzer needs to be rechecked by his peditrician today. I guess I will hear something later. I don't want to call in case they are asleep getting some rest cause I know what that is like. Myself right now, I am trying to re-coop and I am going to do nothing but rest unless they call for me to come back. I know my body was at its limits and was glad my son was coming home yesterday.

I want to thank all of you for your concern, kindness, compassion and prayers. I ask they y'all please continue to pray for Kyzer and Laith and their parents to be able to handle the situation. Our prayers are always very powerful from this group and we always see things turn around when the prayers are flowing on here. I will post when I can and when I know more of how things are going.

My love to each and everyone of you on here. You are the best and don't know what I would do without all of you. Much love to everyone and I pray that God blesses all of you.

Cajun Hugssssssssssss,

RE: Kyzer is sick - capricorn - 10-21-2009

Oh MJC...and love and hugs back to you. Prayers are still with you and your family. It's so frightening when babies and small children are ill. Take some care of yourself so you can remain strong to help them. Making sure they have some food cooked I always found was such a big help. Everyone gets hungry and no one has the strength to cook. God bless.