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So many differences...So many reasons - capricorn - 10-18-2009

SmileI am here for so many reasons. I am an IW. I have settled but am still an IW. I have learned so much not only about WC but about other issues going on in the country right now, how to make myself comfortable at times when the pain is horrible, what to do when it was time for me to apply for SSD, how medicare works, and now some valuable opinions about the health insurance industry. I have learned how a group of folks from all walks of life can band together and pray and the results that come from that group prayer. I hope I can continue when I have an answer to give it back to another IW and to pray and be supoortive of all. I have seen grandchildren being born, marriages end, homes being lost, and at Christmas so many being helped.

I have learned that each and every person in the world is different. Some have been all over the world, some never out of their home town. Some here have grown up and still live in rural American and some as myself have always lived either in a big city or right outside of it. We have black, white, mexican, asian, etc. all races here. We have Catholics, Jews,Protestants, Lutherans, etc. Most of us regardless of religious preference are Christians.

Folks brought up in a rural area have much different beliefs than those brought up in a big city. The needs are different sometimes depending on Geographic location. Just as we are all different so are our living conditions. Just a for instance, (PLEASE DO NOT THINK I AM FOR OR AGAINST GUNS>>IT IS THE ONLY EXAMPLE I COULD COME UP WITH) Rural America wants to keep their guns from being taxed and carry them everywhere. If that were to happen in a big city it would be disastrous. This is a large country with all sorts of differences some of which should remain at a state level. Obviously there will always be differences of opinions and beliefs. There is no right and no wrong here. Other than the nastiness and misunderstandings that happen in the middle of a great thread/discussion. Some can think out of the box and others can't. Still no right and no wrong...just differences.

I have so many more thoughts but am spending the day with my grandchildren and have to get going. God bless all of you and please have a wonderful day. It has finally stopped raining here after 4 days so I'm looking forward to going out and being dry.

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Still in Limbo - 10-18-2009

Very Well Put Cap., and You have Hit Many Valid Points and did so with Class and Respect for Others, just the Way it Should be!! Enjoy Your Grand Babies, and a Day without Rain!!Smile

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Tuffy - 10-18-2009

Grandma say's WTG Cap, and nicely put. Enjoy those kids and have a fun day.......

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 10-18-2009

Well said Cap...Wink

Gun issue though. You know when they allowed people in Flordia to carry guns, that State crime rate went down....Cool

I would think, if a person confronted another person wishing to rob them, they just might think twice, if they thought the person might have a gun on them.

I don't like to carry a gun with me, scared I would use it. But, if I did, and I used it, it wouldn't bother me, if I knew I was right in doing so. The Laws by States are so different, here in Chicago, they say you can't even own a gun. I say their nuts, for criminals do, why can't I have one in the home. But, if you did, and shot say a robber, they slap your hand, fine you a $100.00 and say don't do it again. Are they freaking nuts? Make a Law and stick to it, or don't make the Law.

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Still in Limbo - 10-19-2009

I Agree Bad Boy on the Gun Issue as a Great Example! I have a Carry Permit and I Carry, but I'm in the Rural Area, and not the City. I did a Paper in College about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and it All Starts with the Individual and what they Intend to do with That Weapon! Give 10 People Guns, and there will be 10 Different Reasons they have Those Guns, and all 10 May be Valid, but it Only Takes One to Use it Illegally, and the Whole Gun Issue Comes into Play! Not Changing Subjects Cap., I Just wanted to Agree with Bad Boy on the Issue He Used as an Example, and I Think it Follows the Thoughts of what You are Trying to Say to Others! Thanks Again for the Thread!!Smile

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Manley2 - 10-19-2009

In passed years I carried a firearm all the time because of my job and I can tell you it gives you a piece of mind to know it's there. It also makes you think about where you are and what you are doing more. I know this was not started as a gun issue but I feel the US could be a better place if good poeple were allowed to carry firearms. It was one of the first basic rights and and maybe the law needs to remember those rights

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - capricorn - 10-19-2009

Although this was not a gun thread it makes no difference to me if that's the direction it takes off in. I was looking for some discussion on "differences" and that's the direction it is going in. Different opinions. Anyone else who has something to add since there is no real topic here please do.If members choose to keep the discusion on guns that's fine. Remember it's not a gun thread it's a whatever you want thread.Smile

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Still in Limbo - 10-19-2009

Thanks Cap., this Really is a Great Thread!! I'm Here for Support from Injured Workers that have Walked the Paths of this W/C System ahead of Me to Learn, and to Help Those that are in a Place that I have Already Been!! My Case has been Tough, so I have a Pretty Good Idea of the w/c System as a Whole, and My Lower Spine is Shot, and has Left Me Disabled and Dealing with Chronic Pain Daily, and I have to Take 21 Pills a Day just to Chemically Walk, so I have a bit of Knowledge on Certain Meds. My Injury Happened 5 Years ago, when I was 42 Years Old, and My Life has been Day to Day Pain and He**, and Many Here have Helped Me Through Many a Rough Day, and I want to be able to do the Same for Anyone Who I can Help Cope! Cap.,Red,BX4,MJC,Jayne,Tuffy,ADMIN.,Sweets,Backache,Hurt, and So Many More-Wink,Chris,1171,Cycler, I could go on All Day, and Please don't be Upset if I didn't Mention Your Name, have been the Inspiration, along with My Family that has Kept Me going from Day to Day!! This Forum has Actually Saved Me, I was at Rock Bottom when a Certain Member Here took Me Under His Wing, got Me Calmed Down and Thinking Straight, so I could Continue to Battle, and Deal with the Pain I Have Daily, and I want to Hopefully do the Same Some Day!! It's All about Paying Forward for Me, and I Hope I can Make Anyone's Day Here a Little Better if I can!! Thanks Again Cap., this is a Great Thought Starter Thread!!Smile

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Tuffy - 10-19-2009

Yahhhhh for our side, and all of the members here on the forum and Admin and his wonderfull group, that go above and beyond to give love,support, and compassion, along with there knowledge.
You are a wonderfull bunch and I'am proud to have had the chance to meet each and every one of you, Here on the forum and in person......

RE: So many differences...So many reasons - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 10-19-2009

I lived rural, I lived city. Let me say, there is a huge difference. In the city, caution is used, in rural, throw out the caution, and just do it.