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3rd party lawsuit in CA.. - sontaysyw - 10-17-2009

If large stack of boxes fell on me at work ,found out Store manager and catering manager just had placed thoses boxes up there while i was on leave.They were laid flat on top shelf but catering bags were placed on them kinda securing them in place so to speak.Please let me know what ya'll think, as far as those 2 managers should have known better.I was going to bring it up to my atty Mon.Thanks.

RE: 3rd party lawsuit in CA.. - 1171 - 10-17-2009

3rd party refers to an entity other then the employer or the worker.
if the managers are your employer then your only remedy is workers compensation.

RE: 3rd party lawsuit in CA.. - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 10-18-2009

Not a 3rd party issue at all...

RE: 3rd party lawsuit in CA.. - stiffnecked - 10-19-2009

No third party lawsuit possible in this senario.

RE: 3rd party lawsuit in CA.. - soccerplayermom3 - 11-01-2009

I am dealing with a third party lawsuit right now. This isn't one at all.
If a bus driver is driving the bus route and another person ( Don't an employer or a co worker) in another car hits the bus and hurts the driver, that is a third party lawsuit. It can't be a co worker or the employer.
I got injured on my job and had a couple of back surgeries. The first doctor cut my nerve during the first surgery. So my work wants me to let them go after the doctor or let them. They sent me the form for third party election form. I hope this helps explain what it is. I am seeing a lawyer about this on Wednesday.

RE: 3rd party lawsuit in CA.. - sontaysyw - 11-02-2009

Thanks all for the responses.