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Been Sick - freebird - 10-06-2009

I have been sick with a high fever for the last 4 days. Went to Doctor yesterday and prescribed me Levaquin 500mg for 10 days. Also OTC Mucinex. These Drugs along with my Narcotics have slammed my body. I have broke the fever but I am extremely weak in body.My Daughter had a grandbaby born last Friday and I have held him once only due to sickness.
I ask for your prayers. The cough generated with this sickness has ripped my back pain bigtime. I have to get well to see my Daughter and my new grand boy.

RE: Been Sick - Tuffy - 10-06-2009

Freebird, Prayer's going out for you to recover soon so you can enjoy that new little guy, And congrats, Is this your first grandbaby?.

RE: Been Sick - freebird - 10-06-2009

Tuffy Wrote:Freebird, Prayer's going out for you to recover soon so you can enjoy that new little guy, And congrats, Is this your first grandbaby?.

This is #2. We have a 2 year old granddaughter and now a boy by the same daughter.

We have 2 girls but only one is married. Maybe one day the youngest(age 26) will get married but ...... LOL

RE: Been Sick - chrischris - 10-06-2009

Praying for you to get well so you can see that new grandbaby. Congratulations!

I took Levaquin once for a bad bladder infection. OMG, I still remember how sick it made me feel; wiped out the infection.

Hang in there and get well.

RE: Been Sick - MJC - 10-06-2009


First, congratulations on your new grandbaby. On the 15th of Sept. I became a grandmother of a baby boy, Kyzer for the first time. I know how you feel about wanting to get well to be able to be around the baby. I was so careful about who and where I went around for several weeks before Kyzer was even born. It was like a stigma I had not wanting to pick up a germ and then I would not be able to be present at my first brandbabies birth to witness this wonderful event. In fact, my better half called me one day on my cell to warn me that he thought he had the flu. He was not home at the time so I went home, packed a bag and moved to my sons house so I would not be I pray that you will feel better soon so you can enjoy your new grandbaby. It feels so good to hold those little patooties. God Bless.

Cajun Hugsssssssssss,

RE: Been Sick - jayne - 10-06-2009

congrats on your Grandson aint they grand...get well soon

RE: Been Sick - Still in Limbo - 10-06-2009

Prayers are Heading Your Way Free Bird! And Congratulations on Your Grand Child!!Wink

RE: Been Sick - capricorn - 10-07-2009

Congratualtions on your grandson. Hope you get well soon so you can hold and hug the little guy. My husband has cancer and has been in the hospital for 10 days with pneumonia. The only antibiotic that get rid of this for him is Levoquin and Vancomycin. He must be lucky. No side effects to the Levoquin although I have heard horror stories. I bought a box of masks and intend for my whole family to use them and hubby to use them through his Chemo when in crowds.

RE: Been Sick - freebird - 10-07-2009

The Levaquin gives me the "jitters" or feeling nervous. My fever is broke but I have 7 days of this Levaquin left. I have a daughter up from Dallas who cannot be around me or her mother because she is helping her sister with little man.

I admit I am discouraged and down at this point. It always seem things happen at the wrong time. Newborn, me and wife sick, daughter up for the newborn and my wife is working 12-16 hours a day due to a merger at her job.

I know it will pass but it all stinks right now. I also go into the hospital on the 16th of Oct. for nerve burning of my facet nerves at lower lumbar level. It is outpatient but once again a 220 mile round trip. Also The Radio Frequency ablations can be painful making me dread having it done.

Thanks for all the responses.

RE: Been Sick - Bummer Knees - 10-07-2009


Stay stong and get well!

You have a little guy to spend some time with.