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Depression Questions - chrischris - 09-16-2009

I would really like to know your feelings/ideas on depression such as how to conquer depression, what causes it, is psycho-therapy good or a waste of time, what kinds of medications work?, are medications useless, etc. What about seeing a psychiatrist vs. a psychologist? What are your thoughts about brain chemistry changes? Symptoms? Thoughts of suicide?

Wondering if I'm wasting my time. It's been over two years since I had a breakdown and I still cry a lot and always during sessions with my psychiatrist and psychologist, or when I talk about the events leading to my breakdown.

Please don't take this as I'm whining or pitying myself because I'm NOT! I just really want some advice. Anyone?

Thanks in advance! Tongue

RE: Depression Questions - izell - 09-16-2009

Hello. Frm. La. All of the question you ask depends on you. I have been diagnosed as bipolar-manic depressive with psychotic features. I fight hard everyday with these unstable emotion and feelings. Along with my medical condition, the only way is I ask my Higher power(whom I considered as God) to grant me the serentity to accept the things that i can't change, the courage to change the things that I can. The wisdom to know the different. Which means to me is that I will not accept the non-accurate diagnose given to me by someone who spends every bit of 10-15mins. with me. And think they know everything about me. Again, all answer to the question you ask, really depends on you. Take care because mentally illness is no laughing matter. Izell.

RE: Depression Questions - jayne - 09-16-2009

chris all of us suffer from from some sort of depression....we just handle it different some drink,some do drugs and some cry.......I have a CD of indian flutes and drums I use when I get is a sign all who enter my home knows so they are well warned.....I got so bad several years ago I wanted to end it all.....I was tired of hurting all the time,I missed my work. my best friend(I thought) stabbed me in the back to get my job it wasnt a good time....when the flutes didnt work I knew I was in trouble......It was about that time some ladies that used to shop in my store called and started talking to me invited me to their church and it got better....they know I suffer from depression and are constantly calling it is amazing how just having someone care about you makes you feel better.....Know Chris I care.....know you are not alone...if I am not here You can find me on pogo under billijane or I can PM you my phone number....But know this anyone who doesnt believe depression can kill you is a fool its real and can be deadly....let us help

RE: Depression Questions - izell - 09-16-2009

Hey Chris, I didn't mean to have Jane come up behind me with the laughing and dancing. It cute. Now I really need someone to laugh and dance with. But I will just sit back and enjoy the moment. Thanks. Izell.

RE: Depression Questions - 1171 - 09-16-2009

great question chris.
we need more posts on the psychological and emotional problems associated with serious injury and disruption of lives it brings.

my opinions on treatment:
psychiatrists seem to be good at diagnosis and outlining treatment including Rx. best at the Begining of treatment and intermittently there after.
psychologists are more accessible for frequent discussions and better at listening and giving practical feedback. generally good maintenance care.
Drugs have made the most difference in psychology then any other branch of medicine. almost replaced the need for half the shrinks.
getting the right Rx at the right dosage is critical for most-especially when other meds for other problems are involved. mixing Rx make it difficult to manage the effects.
meds in conjuction with therapy and support groups rather then any one approach seem to be more successful.
be willing to change theapists until you find one that fits-- shop around be critical and not afraid to challenge them if they get lazy or shallow. make them sweat for their $$! a lot them are weak and offer little insight. If you don't see improvement after a few sessions, you or they are in a rut and need to change. may need 5 or 6 changes before you find a good strong therapist that helps.

RE: Depression Questions - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 09-16-2009

Difference Between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist;

The simplest way to describe the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is that a psychologist primarily aids the depressed patient by counseling and psychotherapy. A psychiatrist may also perform psychotherapy; but, in addition, can prescribe medications and perform ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). A psychiatrist is a medical doctor. A psychologist may hold a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) and be called "doctor"; but, is not a medical doctor (M.D.).

RE: Depression Questions - katicabogar - 09-16-2009


I am also fighting depression since 2006 and I believe, the best therapy is talking to friends or family. I also believe in a higher power and I try to put most of my worries into God's hand. I don't take any drugs as I don't really believe in them and I found out, the best medicine for me is nature. I try to get out every day rain or shine and enjoy the woods, the river, the mountains, the eagles and other wild animals. I walk with my dog at least two hours and that's like a necessary drug for me.
Also, when I am at my daughter's house taking care of my grandkids, I get so busy, I forget to worry about my situation.

Take care and I hope you feel better.


RE: Depression Questions - tweety00 - 09-16-2009

moving on finding something that you relly like to do .. Getting out to see friends or even making new ones .. I had a doctor tell me that I need to move on .... Deal with it. You know what after all the crying stopped .. I did start o feel like doing some of the old activiteis that I did in the past Maybe I do it differemtly now but I still get out and chat with strangers .. It helps to just chat about something other then the pain and wc .. how doctors arent the magic pill guys .. etc .... Im a ppl person Love to chat and keep busy whe n the good day does hit .

RE: Depression Questions - ems30 - 09-17-2009

Also, check into any medications you might be taking. I know that a combination of my meds makes me cry like a baby when taken together and I'm tired.

RE: Depression Questions - Manley2 - 09-17-2009

Freinds and family are one of the best things to have around you when going thru depression but a good talk with God beats everything. I know without those three groups I would not be where I am. Depression is still here but when I get in a down mode there is always somebody around to help me thru it. Meds would help me level out but the side effects just made me more depressed. I've been thinking about trying to find a pro to talk with again but it hard right now to find the money to go to the appt's. The bottom line is everybody does differant things to help them out.