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the questions continue..... - pennilayne - 09-10-2009

OK, so, heres where we stand now. Surgery for my daughter has been accepted, pre-op testing has been done. As far as I can tell, all systems go.
I talked with the nurse case mgr. and the new adjuster today. The nurse said she can be reimbursed for mileage for the appointments she has been to. The adjuster said only for an appointment with a Dr. they asked her to see. As far as pay benefits, they just found out she can't work. She hasn't been working since the first of the month. The comp co. is sending some kind of form to the employer. Does anyone have an opinion of maybe when she might get some money? Oh yhea, were in PA. Pittsburgh, actually. Is everyone ready for some football tonight?

RE: the questions continue..... - 1171 - 09-10-2009

probably take week to 10 days to get an acct set up and checks sent.
you can put your state in your profile so it's easier to check in the future.

RE: the questions continue..... - Still in Limbo - 09-10-2009

Hi Pennilayne, as You know, I'm just South of You about 30 Miles, and He** Yes I'm Ready for Some Foot Ball Tonight!!!Tongue As far as TTD Payments for Your Daughter, if Approved for such Benefits, She will be Eligible for Payments 7 Days after Her Injury Date. She should be Paid back to Day One, and it should be 66 2/3% of Her Highest 3 Quarters of Her Last 4 Worked. The Reason it's 66 2/3% is because TTD (Temporary Total Disability) Benefits are non Taxable, so that should be Pretty Close to Her Take Home Pay! I Hope this Helps, and "GO STEELERS!!!!!Smile"

RE: the questions continue..... - pennilayne - 09-10-2009

Awesome! Thanks again for your help! Ill keep you posted in the ongoing saga!