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Can I go to my own doctor? - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-10-2009

Can I go to my own doctor with my own insurance and see if she will refer me to a spine specialist and a PM doc for second opinions? My issue is that I went to the WC PM doc and had the injections and I now have more pain than before them. I went to see him about it and he just ask where the pain was he didn't do any kind of exam and he said I will see you next week for the next set. I am afraid to go back to him because of what happened with the last injection.

I do have one more question something that I forgot to ask before....I know everyone said that he should have used a floroscope (spelling), but what about walking away and leaving the epidural needle in your back? He was having troubles with something on his machine (the one he used to take after pics) and he left the needle sticking in my back and stepped away to help the nurse with it. While he was messing around with it he also kept bumping it into the little bed that I was on and jerking me around with the needle still in. Could that have caused some of the extra pain I am feeling?

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - capricorn - 09-10-2009

Tired..I can't help with your epidural after pain because I was very lucky with all 6 that I had. I did need a blood patch after the 3rd but it was worse trying to get blood from my arm than the epidural. That being said.......

IF you go through your own insurance co. you must be clear that these are work related injuries. The Dr. bills the WC IC first and when they receive a letter of denial they include it when billing your personal insurance co. My husband and I both had to do this . It keeps everything above boards and won't come back to bite you.

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-10-2009

Cap my only problem there is that my doctor does not do any kind of work comp Sad It is my husbands coverage and my doc does know that it was a work related injury. Hmmm so now what do I have to find another doc than my regular one?n Ok I need to explain that a little more see my regular doc is really hard to get in to so he has a NP they have you see when you cannot get into him right away. It is the NP who told me that WC will not cover me seeing her.

I wish I had been so lucky with my ESI.

Oh and get this the Ultram ER he gave me yesterday made me break out in hives and my lips swelled up. I have to just be one of the unluckiest people there is lol

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - capricorn - 09-10-2009

Are you saying the your Dr. WON"T bill WC first? If so you will need to find a Dr. who will . There are many Orthos and my opinion is that's who you should be seeing for your injuries. I'm sorry but I don't think your Dr.s office is working with you at all. One of the first Dr.s I saw after being injured was my PCP. He also doesn't really deal with WC. He gave me a referrel to see a group of Ortho's. One was a shoulder specialist and the other a spice specialist. All was paid for by my personal insurance. It doesn't matter that it's yours or your husband's. My husband used mine. There is only one way to do it. The Dr. bills the WC IC and when denied they submit the letter of denial along with their bill to your personal IC and they will get paid. Is there a reason you don't want to do this? The more treatment is stalled the worse you will get and the harder your case will be to win. Have you found another attorney yet? Do you have a group or just one Ortho in your area who could check out your neck , shoulder and back? Also be careful about saying this is a second opinion. Some Dr.s won't even see you. In my opinion you need a treating Dr.

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-10-2009

I cannot say 100% for sure that my doctor will NOT bill Wc because they did not come right out and say that. They just said that so not deal in WC injuries. So far I have only been able to see the Nurse Practitioner of the group because my actual doctor is booked up and I could not get into him.

We have 2 ortho's that are with the hospital that I go to. The only reason at all that I would not want to do this is if it would mess up my WC case or my hubby's ins. I want and need help to get better and I am willing to use my own ins. and pay whatever deductibles I have to I just want to be out of this pain and find a doctor who is willing to help me and who is not under the ins. company's thumb.

I will do whatever I have to so that I can see a good doc who will give me good care it's just that I don't know for sure what I can and can't do with it being a WC injury. Oh one more thing. If I do get into my own doctors with my own ins. what about the PM doc and the injections I am supposed to get next week? If I cancel that for any reason can I get in trouble or will it hurt my WC claim?

Yes I do have a new attorney now but he had not had a chance to do anything with my case because he just got the paperwork that I signed to hire him yesterday.

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - capricorn - 09-10-2009

Tired...I have given you the best advise I can. No need to worry about getting introuble. I have outlined it for you. My husband and I have both won our cases , are in the best shape we could be in and also settled our cases and are now out of the system. I have had 5 seperate WC claims and have returned to my job after all of them except the last. It was too severe. I can't help in any other way but to give the advise I've given. It's legal and the way most of us have had to do things who don't have an attorney. We have all gotten help this way and no one has hurt their case. Good luck.

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-10-2009

Cap I appreciate your help and I am calling my doctor right now to ask about billing WC and if he WON'T then I am going to ask for a referral of a ortho who will. Thank you very much!

Sorry to be a pain I just want to make sure....Not going to the PM for the next injection won't hurt my claim?

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - bronco54501 - 09-10-2009

I would do what ever necesary to get the care you need. At the end of your case just have your attorney take care of who reimburst who...

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-10-2009

I just got off the phone with my regular doctor's office he is Internal Medicine by the way. I was told that they will bill WC for me and then my insurance so yay to that. I was also told though that he will not fill out any types of disability forms or anything like that but he will see be and give me referrals to other doctors just as PM,ortho,neuro. I was also told that they will give me a referral to others without even coming in and seeing my doc. I feel like it would be better to go in and see him though and show him my MRI reports so he can see what is going on with me and give him the best idea of who to refer me to. I have a appointment with him on the 16th of this month (they had a cancelation yay!). In the meantime what do I do about the PM doc? Do I go back and give the injections another try?

RE: Can I go to my own doctor? - Manley2 - 09-10-2009

I don't want to sound like I defending the PM doc but lower back pain is so hard to figure out just what is going on sometimes. Yes it can be pretty clear but not all the time. You do have to believe in your doctor so if he is the only one you can see sit down and talk with him about what he is doing and how you are feeling. I know I feel so lucky that my PM doctor is somebody I trust. Sometimes they have to do things to try and find out what is wrong and the best thing you can do is tell them how it feels.