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FCE - c0436 - 09-03-2009

Should you take your pain meds before a FCE? The reason im asking this is because the examiners told me to take them prior to coming. Something smells fishy about that

RE: FCE - Jay2jay - 09-03-2009

This point of taking pain meds is your decession, I would not take pain meds, I would however bring a dosage. Based on my FCE you will need pain meds after. good luck and be honest, please be honest!!!!!!

RE: FCE - freebird - 09-03-2009

c0436 Wrote:Should you take your pain meds before a FCE? The reason im asking this is because the examiners told me to take them prior to coming. Something smells fishy about that
You are considered MMI meaning your WC Claim is probably near its end.

Why not take your pain meds? Whats "fishy" about that?

Every Therapist that performs a FCE is not crooked or "in the hip pocket" of WC Doctors. There are a very few who seemingly are but far and few in between.

They will be looking to see if you are "faking" during the FCE. Be yourself, Do what you can do and you will be okay.

WC is going to end unless you are PTD. Some say this FCE has no real significance in your disabilty rating. I 100% disagree. Been there done this.

Most who come to take a FCE are looking to do good and return back to work. They are hoping for no Restrictions.

What are your future "hopes"?

Individuals work day after day on pain meds hence take your pain meds so you will be rated properly at your FCE.

Good luck and be yourself!

RE: FCE - jayne - 09-03-2009

Bull kaka freebird....I cannot work on pain meds....I cannot drive on pain meds it dangerous to do both....But I know I could not work without help from c0436 you should go to your FCE the way you would have to work.......Most jobs forbid you using pain meds it could cause an and be in an accident on pain meds and you are gonna get a ticket and may do jail time......if all you need is advil or tylonol so be it.....but if you need narcs to get thru the day do not take them before you go to your should be on machines that will take your blood pressure and heart rate you go and do the best you can but go without narcs...

RE: FCE - bronco54501 - 09-03-2009

c0436, I must say Jayne has good advice so what you do from here is up to you.. I have had a few FCE'S also IME'S and I did not take my pain meds for about 12 hours before. Reason---- because most fce's are a tool that PT's and your DR use to see your strength and weeknesses and by not taking your meds will give a more accurate reading. You know your pain levels and you have to let them know when it starts to bother you and when you cant go any farther. They are going to push you to see how much you can do, and I say be honest but dont push your self into pain that you cant tollerate.. Because once your done and you are hurting they get to go home and relax while your home swallowing pain meds just to get some kind of sanity...
If this is set up by wc 9 out of 10 times they are for WC and want future business. Some of them care for you and your pain while others just want you to screw up and make you look like your in good shape....

My first IME/FCE was a jerk, nice to my face but made my pt stop. Long behold I was back in PT 2 months later and lasted 6 months and I am at my best..... So I guess I'm trying to tell you what you do with the advice is your future for the good or the bad...
I do wish you the best of luck and hope you get it figured out......

RE: FCE - freebird - 09-03-2009

I was told to take my meds just like I normally do before my FCE. I guess I could have lied when he ask me have you taken your meds as you usually do everyday?

Many individuals work taking prescription narcotics. I am on 5 different meds 3 being narcotics. I can drive; no restrictions. Your body adjust to the meds.

If you have a car accident on prescription drugs, it is not a ticket unless you have a driving restriction on you.

As far as being dangerous to work with prescription narcotics, your employer will never ask what you are on unless a drug test is "popped" on you. When you show your prescriptions, you are fine. If your prescription drugs impair you that bad, you should talk to your Pain Management Doctor. If you are released to work taking prescription drugs, obviously your Doctor does not realize you are impaired.

Life sometimes has to go on and prescription Narcotics are acceptable. If you take such a amount that you are inpaired, you should be rated Permanent and totally disabled.

I use the 25 mchg Fentanyl patch and lortab 10 5x a day as my narcs plus lyrica 150 mg 3x a day, celebrex and ambien at night.

Do what you want but take your meds with you if the PT requires you take your meds before the FCE is done.

RE: FCE - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 09-03-2009

Note; Pain medications mask real pain, they take a sharp pain and dull it.

My True Proven EXAMPLE of and FCE on Pain Medications; I had performed several FCE's. When I did perform one of them, I was on Pain Medication that you just couldn't stop taking, and you must slowly get off them. The results of my FCE this time while on those Pain medications, shown that I could perform at a very Heavy Duty work. Why? Because without knowing there were any real hard sharp pains, I pushed myself self through these task, and was very lucky I didn't do more damage to myself. I was in major pain after this FCE for a total of 3 months.

My proven FCE's off pain Medication; These FCE's, I was able now to say, I was getting sharp pains, in the injured areas, and then the task was stopped in time. The results were even more true, the when on Pain medications, for I and the person performing such FCE's, could then get a better idea of what was or wasn't bring on pain. After these FCE's, I was sore but didn't have to suffer 3 months of major pain like I did when I took a FCE on Pain Medications.

It's my opinion, that I wouldn't take pain medications while performing an FCE, but bring your medication with, so after the FCE you can take them. Without pain medication, you able to be the real you, and not a masked person behind medication, allowing for better judgement on what will and wont cause you pain.

RE: FCE - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-03-2009

Everywhere I have ever worked did NOT allow you to take narcs of any kind while you were working or going to be working.

JMO but I would not take my pain meds before because I would want it to show what I was or wasn't able to do naturally on my own.

RE: FCE - freebird - 09-03-2009

TiredOfHurting09 Wrote:Everywhere I have ever worked did NOT allow you to take narcs of any kind while you were working or going to be working.

JMO but I would not take my pain meds before because I would want it to show what I was or wasn't able to do naturally on my own.

I have never worked at a Industrial site that said you could not take prescription narcotics and work if released to do so by your Doctor.

Taking a narcotic is not a automatic pass to not working. If this was true, Half the Baby Boomer crowd would be unemployed.

If your dosage is so high it impairs you in working and or driving then you should be declared totally disabled by your Pain Management Doctor.

How can a Doctor release you back to the workforce if you are on a controlled prescription narcotic? It happens all the time.

RE: FCE - TiredOfHurting09 - 09-03-2009

Back when I chipped a bone in my ankle the doc gave me lortab and released me to work. Well our company policy was no narcs so I had a choice either stay home or go to work on crutches with no pain meds and that is what I did it hurt like crazy but what choice did I have. So far I have not worked anywhere that didn't have that policy. Maybe it is different in each state or even each town I don't know I just know that is how it has always been everywhere I have ever worked. If you were caught taking narcs then it was instant termination.