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Tulsa Group Pics - sweet tooth - 08-31-2009

Hi all....this is Red, not sweet tooth; only I am using sweet tooth's computer. Sweet tooth, jayne, and I are here in Tulsa together enjoying each others company. We also have my parents, Homer and Barbara, and our husbands, Skeeter, Bill and Del. We are all having a great time. Here are a couple of pics...

[attachment=561] sweet tooth, Red, jayne

[attachment=562] Red's mom, Barbara, Red, jayne, Sweet tooth in the back, front row, Homer, Red's Dad, Del, Bill, and Skeeter.

We all made a sudden decision to meet here in tulsa. First we were going to meet in Salina Ks where I 70 is on its way to the west coast and then my husband Del said, lets just go to Tulsa and save sweets and jayne some travel time. We were suppose to meet here on Saturday, however, I didn't make it. First we packed out on last wed and thursday and then had to go back to clean the apartment and then left around noon on Friday. Unfortunately, the trailor that Del and my Dad bought to pull behind the 26' uhaul that Del was going to drive (my dad has a 19' penske with a tow dolly towing our car) broke. I can't explain it but the bottom line is my mom and I sat on the road waiting for my dad and Del to find another trailor. They bought another trailor and then transfered all our items to the new trailer. That took most of the day and so we left around 9:30 pm that night and drove for about 4 hours that night. Then the next day, a tire blew out in our new trailer and the rim was destoyed also. Unfortunately my dad and I sat on the side of I 64 in Maryland for about 7 hours waiting for my husband and mother to find a new tire and rimn. we have had two horrible days and we are two days behind. Finally we arrived here today on Monday and we all have to leave in the we only get to visit for a few hours this after noon. I got to do some painting for all....and anyway.. we are having a great time. They are the best of the best of friends. I am so thankful for their friendship and care.. thankfully for friends like them, I did't have to go to mental health while I was coming down off of the drugs. I still have 2 months to go, but all is well and all is good. thanks to my friends and family. I love you all so much..... thanks so much. Red

RE: Tulsa Group Pics - halftrak - 09-01-2009

nice pictures,i miss you guys, hang in there red, looks like you have great parents there to help you out.Sweet you are as pretty as ever and Jayne you will always be my buddy, and of course your hubbies are as handsome as ever.Love you guys Halftrak

RE: Tulsa Group Pics - sweet tooth - 09-01-2009

sure did miss you all

RE: Tulsa Group Pics - vickinat - 09-02-2009

Nice pics. Thanks for sharing them Red. Y'all are in my prayers for no more delays and mechanical problems during the remainder of your trip.

RE: Tulsa Group Pics - sweet tooth - 09-04-2009

WELL GUYS I MADE IT BACK HOME !!!!! had a grand old time ,found out we both are getting to old to travel by ourselves , and that hurts !! thanks for the good time guys

RE: Tulsa Group Pics - jayne - 09-04-2009

mmmmmmmmmmm I had the best time ever