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Multiple injuries - Badcompany - 07-03-2009

Hey everyone,
I just found this place and after reading about 5 or 6 posts I new this would be a good place to visit.

I am a Male 44yrs from Oklahoma...I'm Married (18yrs) and have a 7 yr old son who is my world.

I also have a question you may be able to shed some light on.....

In Dec. 07 I was in a no fault MVA I had to have knee surgery right away! and I did ...It went fair!...then I had surgery on my lumbar (2 level 360) after exhausting all other options first...I'm still healing and think it was a good the question I have is....My 3rd injury was to my Thoracic area....T8-9 bulges ...very painful and debilitating....the problem is doctors dont like to do surgery in this's risky if you can even find a competent doctor who does this....It involves alot....I think I will live with this injury without doing the surgery.....How will they rate my injury without me trying to improve it?

I'm in chronic pain but I can deal with it without pain meds for the most part....I was never big on meds anyway.....I'm worried they will make light of my injury that is the most painful of the three I've had.

RE: Multiple injuries - jayne - 07-03-2009

was this a work injury?

RE: Multiple injuries - Badcompany - 07-03-2009

Yes, It's work related....I was in Route Sales and in a company truck when this all happend.

RE: Multiple injuries - 1171 - 07-03-2009

Oklahoma uses the AMA guide to impairment rating to determine permanent partial disability benefits.
you can contact the court counselors for specific information

RE: Multiple injuries - Badcompany - 07-03-2009

Thanks 1171....I actually was aware of the AMA guide but was unsure how it works with an untreated injury like Im up against....However, I wasn't aware of the fact you can contact a councelor....I will do so next week.

RE: Multiple injuries - 1171 - 07-03-2009

it's specifically designed for those who don't achieve full recovery.
that's what ppd is.

RE: Multiple injuries - Badcompany - 07-03-2009

Full recovery from surgery?....Im not going to have a surgery and this is why I ask. Im concerned about not having a surgery. Maybe I should look at the guide again.

Thank you!

RE: Multiple injuries - jayne - 07-03-2009

I didnt have surgery either the Docs said it would do more damage than I was given a rating based on my current condition and restrictions since they were permanant

RE: Multiple injuries - Badcompany - 07-04-2009

Thanks jayne......its easy to get lost in the WC system.

RE: Multiple injuries - Footster - 06-27-2010

You, the patient, can always decline surgery. My understanding is that the injury will be rated "as is" in that case.

Badcompany Wrote:Thanks jayne......its easy to get lost in the WC system.