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Claim Time Limit - Daven3113 - 06-27-2009

I fell off a roof at work about 9 months ago and injured both knees and an ankle. I took a day off work and have worked through the pain since.

After recently going to the doctor about the pain and instability of my knees I have learned that there is extensive damage.

Is it too late to file a claim?

RE: Claim Time Limit - jayne - 06-27-2009

did you report the accident or fill out an accident report? While I cant help you on time limits if you will put your state down someone will come along that each state is different

RE: Claim Time Limit - 1171 - 06-27-2009

california workers have a year to file.

RE: Claim Time Limit - Daven3113 - 06-27-2009

No I didn't file a report with the office but everyone knew about the fall. I was persuaded by one of the owners not to file because the company was new and the rates would go up if I did. I had only been working for 1 week and feared I would loose my job if I did.
I live in Michigan.

RE: Claim Time Limit - Daven3113 - 06-27-2009

Also, when I apporached my boss about filing now, he said that the time had run out and I was not eligible.

RE: Claim Time Limit - capricorn - 06-27-2009

Go to the top of this page and click on 'info by state" and look up Michigan law on how long you have to file. All states are different. Be sure of everything yourself. In cases like this your employer is very rarely on your side. Best of luck.

RE: Claim Time Limit - 1171 - 06-27-2009

"Section 381 of the Act requires that the employee give his or her employer notice of an injury within 90 days after the injury or within 90 days after the employee knew or should have known of the injury. If the worker fails to give such notice, however, the employer does not escape responsibility unless it can show that it was somehow harmed by the worker’s failure to give notice.
Section 381 also requires that a worker must make a claim for compensation benefits within two years after the injury. The claim to the employer need not be in writing, but as discussed above, there are good reasons why it should be. In the vast majority of cases, the claim is made with the employer. The law, however, does provide the alternative that a worker can make a claim by filing it in writing with the agency on a form available from the agency.",1607,7-191-26918---,00.html

RE: Claim Time Limit - Lilly - 06-28-2009

Your boss is trying to weasle out of the responsibility. File the claim!


RE: Claim Time Limit - Bummer Knees - 06-28-2009

Delayed or denied medical treatment of the knees may lead to a chain of other medical problems.

That is what happened to me.

Please take care of yourself and get the medical attenion you need.

Bummer Knees