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directions in appeal - earnestrozier - 06-20-2009

I live in PA and have an appeal hearing to reverse a judges term order to the employer. the problem is I am not familiar with the process, and no lawyer will help me so far. I need to file a brief in the next 27 days and I don't know where to begin. Is ther anyone that can help me?

RE: directions in appeal - oblivyous - 06-20-2009

Hi, welcome to the forum. At the top of this page there is a state info link. Click on it . Then click on Pa. then click on for employees. This site has alot of useful info. Wish i could answer your question but im not familiar with Pa workers comp. There is a lawyer who participates in the forum from Pa. His name is Timothy Belt. He should be in at some point during the weekend so keep checking back for his advice.I'm sure he is a very busy man. Take care

RE: directions in appeal - 1171 - 06-20-2009

this may help

RE: directions in appeal - jayne - 06-21-2009

or you could PM Timothy Belt as he is a and a member of this forum and can tell you what you need

RE: directions in appeal - Still in Limbo - 06-21-2009

Hi, and Welcome to the Forum! I'm from Pa. also, and could You Please Explain the Reason for the Judges Term Order to the Employer? I have been at this for going on 5 Years now, 15 Hearings, and haven't seen that Term Before. Mr. Belt would be a Great Person to Ask, but I Personally would Like to Learn what that Term Means, I May know it as a Different Term. If You could Give a General Area of what Part of the State You are from, Someone May know a Good Attorney in Your Area. If Your Case is this Far into the Hearings Process, and Your Injury is gong to be a Long Term One, I would Suggest Searching at Length to Find an Attorney, they Surely have them at Work on the Other Side! My Best, and Have a Great Day!!Wink

RE: directions in appeal - Timothy Belt - 06-22-2009

That is not a lot of time to work with. Give me a call or send me an e-mail if you want to discuss the matter further. It could be difficult to do anything at this point, but I would be willing to at least talk to you.

RE: directions in appeal - Lilly - 06-22-2009

WOW! All you people amaze very, very helpful!

What a fabulous group of compassionate beings!

LillyBig Grin

RE: directions in appeal - fencer11 - 06-22-2009

It's too bad we don't have a Timothy Belt in every state!!!

RE: directions in appeal - UndercovrAngel - 06-22-2009

Amen to that Fencer

Angel ^j^

RE: directions in appeal - Timothy Belt - 06-23-2009

I'm working on it. Give me a few more years to get those satellite offices built up.