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unemployment and dr.appt - missmelody - 06-04-2009

Unemployment denied me, they said I'm not able to work as my current position and my employer said I Voluntarily quit. I faxed over document to tell regarding my health the humans resource lady I sent them too is now fired I never received termination papers they lost my paperwork on purpose and fired Mikki the lady in human resources. Everytime I try to contact the Administrator she gives me no answer. I was in a union I have no reps numbers I called up to the job and left a message for the director of Nursing to give me a call. No responsed I live 1 hr away for this job no transportation. My trial date is set for june 25 what happens trial it was 4 pre-trial hearings previsiously.

RE: unemployment and dr.appt - 1171 - 06-04-2009

it depends on the issues as to what the outcome will be and what is likely to happen. if you have an atty contact them.
you can also read the recent post on this board from Hoosierdaddy.

RE: unemployment and dr.appt - blake - 06-04-2009

i too am going through the same thing but my dr only released me foe light duty and my employer didnt offer me any so they fired mr saying i refused to come back,because their dr which is a joke and i saw once said i can come back full duty with no restrictions. they said i didnt give a bon a fide reason for being out more than 3 days per collective barganing. which is crap because i was out for 11 months prior to them making me go see their dr that gave them what they wanted to hearing is in a week i have all the paperwork that will win me this case. they will get caught in a lie. i was just a casulity of slow economic times,they knew i could never return to my full duty job. good luck at your hearing