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food stamps - rundmc37 - 06-04-2009

I live in san diego ca.try to get food stamp for me and my two kids was told no because i recive 391 dollards a week from workman comp so since i make 90 dollards more than their limit they said no. Can someone help me with this problem. (hurt on job in 2003 finale had surgery in 2007 which did not work save money is real low by the way i got hurt in louisiana.)

RE: food stamps - jayne - 06-04-2009

can we give you food stamps? no.....but there are churches with food closets that may be able to help

RE: food stamps - Bummer Knees - 06-04-2009

Contact you local churches, food banks, and United Way for food assistance.

RE: food stamps - Hoosier_Daddy - 06-04-2009

This happened to us as well. I have been off work for over 3 years. My wfie makes 12.50 an hour. They told us that's more than enough for a family of 5. Can you believe that. You can go to food pantrys and local churches. Just like what the other great people told you. You can fight the decision as there are appeal processes but I am sure they will win.

RE: food stamps - Manley2 - 06-04-2009

They have guide lines for how much you can make for the number of people you have. Nothing we can do about that but like most have said look for food banks and churchs for help

RE: food stamps - jimmyo1 - 06-04-2009

Welcome to the forum. I'm also from San Diego. Every one gave you good advice. Good luck.

RE: food stamps - leavntn - 06-04-2009

Make sure they know about all of your bills and you should reapply after all of your savings is gone because that counts against you.

RE: food stamps - bronco54501 - 06-04-2009

So sorry to hear but are they allowing you the right amount you can earn. Sounds a little low to not qualify, Im from WI and not able to get that help either but my wife woked and I got a check for 560 per week. And only 3 in our family, was over by $200. But were helped out with medical for the kid. It sounds like a lot but I lost cash jobs which WC will not consider "no proof" I went through my savings in a quick hurry I was 6 payments down on house and 5 on new truck. I was shaking htinking we were going to loose everything but they worked with me. If it was not for my parents we would have been eating bread and water.

Not to steel your post but like every 1 said try some churches, and get rid of any money in bank accounts........Good luck,