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strange question - jayne - 06-02-2009

Have any of you since getting hurt have old habits rear their ugly heads....I havent smoked in 18 years yet in the last 2 weeks I have been craving the need for a smoke worse than when I first stopped smoking.......its driving me insane...I refuse to start that habit again but I am wondering why now?

RE: strange question - red1030 - 06-02-2009

jayne..typically your need for a smoke is to satisfy some need. Even when a person smokes they do it to satisfy a need of some could be in the beginning that they just want to be included in a group... or they want to be cool etc...then as time goes by and we grow older or move into different developmental needs then smoking may meet a need to have your hands busy, or too play with your face, or to so many other avenues of the why's people smoke. Now as too you.... I would venture to say that something is different that is bringing back an old need that truly never went away but you had the strength and will power to quench it. Stress could cause you to go back to an old habit... Fear... pain....changes in your self esteem, or many other things... I believe what is happening to you right now, under the circumstances is rather normal. Now what you would want to do is to identify exactly what need the cigarette will meet and then find another avenue to meet it. For example, lets say it is mutliple life changes happening all at once. This will lead to anxiety which is unidentified...oh..jayne this is getting too deep.... step one identify what has changed, step two identify what need is missing or present and not being met, then find another solution or intervention to meet that need... that will help you not to want to smoke.... this is true, even if you are saying to yourself, Red is absolutely nuts...and I just may be ...yes I just may be.... lol... let me know what you come up with... love you Red

RE: strange question - sparkey - 06-03-2009

Are you watching all those kids???????LOL.

RE: strange question - Still in Limbo - 06-03-2009

Jayne, after the First Heavy Frost of the Season, I Crave Bologna and Chipped Ham Sandwiches with Ketchup, and a Hot Cup of Coffee!! That's what I Used to take in the Woods when I was able to Hunt, and that Time of the Year brings that Craving!! Maybe it's Something like that with You. It could have been a Smell, a Breeze in the Right Direction on a Beautiful day, or Like Myself, knowing Hunting Season is not Far Away!!Smile

RE: strange question - jayne - 06-03-2009

yes I have a houseful and 3 more due in mid month.....pain is out of this world because (I believe) of weather extreems...Dr has adjusted meds last month...My oldest daughter is have marriage problems and that is hard because I really like her husband,so I try to stay out of it...My honey is having health problems he has had a silent heart attack and they are testing to see if they will be putting in a stint.......and of course gas is going up and that puts a dent in the budget...My adopted son found out he has a 19 year old brother and he got to talk to him last nite....And I am trying to plan a family reunion for the 3rd of july which also happens to be my Daddys 97th birthday so we want to do a good job......and then I am going to spend a few days with Sweet and her family at the end of july to rest up so my whole focus is living to the 20th of july......but the cravings are out of this world for a cig.......just nerves I guess I have no idea.....

RE: strange question - MJC - 06-03-2009


I know you will think I am crazy but I have to share this with you. I am still smoking today but at one time I had quit. Get ready to laugh While I had quit smoking and I had a craving I would do this.

Take a straw and cut it about the size or length of your cigs you usually smoke. I would hold that straw in my hand and take puffs off of it and blow it out just like I would be smoking a real cig. It sounds crazy but it did work for me until I had my emotional breakdown and ended up in the hospital. When I was released from the hospital I told my Mother (bless her heart) to take me to the first store we saw cause I wanted to smoke so I bought cigs and started smoking again. I smoke now because I want to and it works as a nerve pill for me. Not ready to try and quit again just yet. I will say a prayer that the straw will work for God bless and love ya!

Cajun Hugssssssssssss,

RE: strange question - jayne - 06-03-2009

I will try it MJC I wonder if its just the need to do something with my hands as I cant cross stich or crochet any longer....I didnt relize how much our cervical spine controlled our hands till this injury

RE: strange question - Bummer Knees - 06-03-2009


Talk about stress!!

For you Jayne it is with capital letters, STRESS!!!

No wonder you are having cravings!

RE: strange question - kate - 06-03-2009


Try MJC's trick or anything else to not start again. Or anything else you can come up with. You DO NOT want to even pick up one!

Trust me. I quit once for 5 years. Had one cigarette in a stressful moment and have been smoking ever since (almost 10 years)

RE: strange question - jayne - 06-03-2009

I will never pick up one you can bet on that was just wondering why after all these years the craving came back....