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Part time employee rights - tnanjl - 05-30-2009

I am a part time employee who was injured on the job and while the company is paying my medical bills, they have taken me off the work schedule. The doctor put me on light duty after 3 weeks of full duty and they have plenty for me to do that is considered light duty but they won't give me any time to work because of this. Is this legal in the state of TN or can they prevent me from working until releasedJ? Thanks

RE: Part time employee rights - 1171 - 05-30-2009

if the employer is unable to provide lite work the injured employee could remain off work and his/her lost time pay would continue.
check out your rights under federal ADA regulation.

RE: Part time employee rights - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-30-2009

Also depends if the employer had been laying off employee's or down sizing.

Seems to be more to the story then just what you have provided so far.

RE: Part time employee rights - comp8301 - 05-31-2009

I many states, if you have been medically released to a light duty restriction and your employer either has no work to accomdate the light duty release or refuses to do so, the workers comp carrier is then obligated to continue to pay weekly benefits. Further call the state office of workers compensation and speak wiht the Ombudsman office and ask if your employer has workers compensation insurance, if they do not, call an attorney. The Ombudsman's office, however, will not assist anyone who has retained an attorney so if you do not have an attorney, call the Ombudsman's office before you call an attorney.