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If I didn't ahve bad luck... - monster - 05-20-2009

I would have none at all! My Social Security hearing was finally scheduled for the 25th of June. Guess whose attorney will be at a conference, yep...mine!

Now it is being set for some time in August. I won't be able to get the hell out of here until then. I am so tired of this, I really need a break and just can't seem to get one Sad It will be my luck that I wait that long and then the hearing will be reset for one reason or another. I am so ready to just give up.

I could have it transfered to Texas but I'm afraid I would have to wait another year and a half for a hearing date.

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - jayne - 05-20-2009

well girly that gives you time to ready up your plummies and sell all you need to and get you have to be at the hearing?I wish I had the money I would give it to you so you could get gone.......thinking of you...

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - Cervical_Fusion - 05-20-2009

Monster your luck sounds like mine. I never have any good luck. But wish me luc tomorrow. I have an attorney appointment at 10am, he is going to help me file for SSDI from the get go. I would prefer he help from step one, because of my luck. But I feel he knows what to say and put on the initial application and he can get the remaining records that I would like to have before I proceed with the initial application. I want to have all the paper work done properly before i file. I do not want to have SS have to go and ask my DR's for anything if possible. I want to provide everthing the first time around, and hope I get approved the first time.

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - halftrak - 05-20-2009

well monster, your problems sound like mine,I have to be out of this house by the 3rd, my daughter is moving out sunday, my son is going to his dad's for 2 weeks, I still haven't found a house yet, my boy will be back the 7th of june, i get paid the 3rd of june so i have to have a house by the 7th or i probably will be living in a tent.if i was a drinking woman i would come and get you and we would go get drunk.I hope everything works out for you, good luck on your hearing.

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - monster - 05-20-2009

Halftrak - I bought a 23ft fifth wheeler that my son is going to gut for me and make nice with the little bit of money that I will have. Having to be here that long I am afraid when it comes time to go to texas I won't have the money to get there. It will be me and 3 dogs living in it. I hope things get better for you sweetie.

CF - I read your PM and it's been so long I honestly don't know. I have injuries to my neck, back and left leg but only my neck is being treated. I now have a psych claim as well. Good luck on your case, I have been trying since Oct. 07.

Jayne - I know you would. I'll manage to get out of here eventually. I'm afraid once my son leaves I'm going to start freaking out in this house again because of what happened. I've been okay since he's been here.

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-20-2009

Monster, sometimes when we wait, the best things seem to just come to us then.

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - RNvic - 05-20-2009

Monster- praying for you that everything comes out ok.

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - AQA - 05-20-2009

One day at a time, my little blue furry friend. That is all we can do. We can not allow the insanity in our lives to drive us insane. There is always something positive to every situation. Sometimes the positives are just harder to see.

Take Care

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - monster - 05-21-2009

Well my little house on wheels is growing on me. I have got it pretty well cleaned up, still quite a bit more to clean but it's getting there and looks so much better. We're not going to do nearly as much as I thought and we're definitely not gutting it now that it's cleaner and we could get a good look at it.

If the engine is in good shape (please say a prayer for me on this I think it is but we'll see) if it comes down to it I'll sell my car before I go so that I have the money to get home plus some left over.

I'm trying to stay positive, this week is getting harder on me as Randy's celebration of life is Saturday. We went to the newspaper office today to have his obituary done and then to the copy shop to have his memorial things done. I broke down both times, I miss him so much Sad I don't think i'm going to handle it very well but will try hard.

A good friend of ours...well we used to play lots of pool together but since we lived up here and he lived down in the valley we aren't so close anymore but anyway, he is donating one of his custom cues for me to raffle. I couldn't believe he was being so kind, when I called him I was crying so hard I could hardly thank him. He won't be able to be here as he has shows where he sells his cues for the next 4 weeks in a row but another friend will be bringing it up for me. I am so thankful for my good friends who have helped get me through this. Smile

RE: If I didn't ahve bad luck... - vickinat - 05-21-2009

You know that I wish you the best in everything that you do. I'll add extra prayers to give you the strength you need during the time. My cell number is the same if you ever feel like talking, I can PM you my home number if you want, it is differant since living in Ca. I'm glad that you will be able to keep your furry ones with you.